You Know How to Make a Girl Smile


Goodness, I’ve been given another award! Can you feel the heat of my blush from over there where you’re sitting?? I’ve been feeling very warm and loved here in the Blogsphere lately and I hope you all know there’s a whole lot of love coming your way too. Thank you so much to Pinku for offering me this ‘Brillante’ award and for her very kind words; I’m truly honoured.

It’s getting harder and harder to choose bloggers for these awards as I’m discovering so many to add to the fantastic ones I already read. New ones are popping up on the UK Food Bloggers Association all the time and that’s just the British ones – I’ve been discovering lots of great blogs all over the world, particularly with all the new visitors I’ve been receiving. So I think this time I’m going to have to take the easy way out and offer this award to every blogger I’ve come across; you’re all brilliant!

P.S. It’s just occurred to me how ironic this post is given that my last one said “The last week in August has the fewest references to ‘I love you’ on the internet”!


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