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June 3rd, 2010

Matcha Chocolat Logo Jade Gift Set

In order to celebrate the launch of the new website I’ve teamed up with Matcha Chocolat to give one lucky reader the beautiful (not to mention delicious) Jade Gift Set, rrp £30. The set comprises of 16 assorted tea infused chocolates, a caddy of English breakfast tea and 2 bags of solid chocolate discs, one flavoured with bergamot and the other with chai spices. Perfect to unwind with.

Matcha Chocolat creates handmade dark, milk and white chocolates infused with a sublime selection of teas from around the world. Founder Katie Christoffers is drawn to the fusion between tea and chocolate for the rich heritage and diverse flavours that they both possess. As Katie puts it “tea and chocolate have inspired the senses for centuries and are now both enjoying a renaissance of interest on account of the sheer breadth of their flavour profiles and their readily understood health benefits.”

To be in with a chance of winning the Jade Gift Set simply let me know your favourite type of tea or hot drink in the comment form below and a winner will be picked at random. The competition is open to UK residents only due to the fresh ingredients used in the chocolates and their shelf life. Closing date 25th June.

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    165 Responses to “Win a Tea and Chocolate Gift Set”

    1. darrell roach Says:

      marmite with hot water and chilli flakes and pepper //

    2. Helen (Fuss Free Flavours) Says:

      I like weak China teas and strong coffee form a cafetiere or espresso machine. Never filter coffee.

    3. Rosie Hopkins Says:

      Hot orange squash. Ginger biscuits dipped into it taste wonderful!

      The best tea I ever had was when an Indian friend of a friend made curried tea from scratch; I just wish I could recreate it.

    4. Jo Says:

      A cup of very hot Yorkshire Tea or a strong cup of coffee in the morning to wake me up

    5. Kim Says:

      I love the aromatic, slightly flowery taste of darjeeling the most.

    6. Greekfoodlover Says:

      I enjoy green and white tea, not together, also Greek herbal teas!

    7. Lynne Says:

      First thing and last thing, jasmine or oolong tea best.. But I’ve recently rediscovered the joys of a first flush white darjeeling from the Margaret Hope estate.. lovely.

      But mid morning has to be a big cup of espresso coffee, made in my Bialetta. Even the aroma is enough to make you sit up and smell the coffee 🙂

    8. Helen Costello Says:

      Hi! It’s got to be a strong coffee with lashing of Baileys! And perhaps the odd Ameretti biscuit dunked in!

    9. Reena, Coconut Raita Says:

      Fresh mint tea is my drink of choice with lots of brown sugar and ginger biscuits.

    10. Lynn Says:

      Being a Yorkshire lass, I love Yorkshire Tea first thing in the morning, especially the Breakfast Flavour. Although recently I have had the pleasure of savouring OolongTea from Lahloo.

    11. Tim Says:

      Lavender tea made with lavender freshly harvested from the garden.

    12. MikeW Says:

      Coffee, always fresh-roasted (never more than a week old). Brewed with a pour-over, espresso maker, press pot, vacuum brewer …

    13. Katie Says:

      A good old cup of earl grey. Yum yum!

      Katie xox

    14. Blandine Says:

      My favourite is jasmin tea! 🙂

    15. Melanie Says:

      Congrats on your new lovely site. My favorite tea is chai tea-followed by jasmine and cocoa tea. I love teas-coffees-capaccinos!!!!and a slice of pie too.

    16. Jo Bryan Says:

      I am a real tea fiend and I drink all sorts of blends, I love Darjeeling, Ceylon, green tea, white tea, Earl Grey but my all time favourite is Assam. Good strong and hot.

      Thanks for a fab opportunity.

    17. Chumbles Says:

      Love the new site and have lurked for some time! My favourite (and essential) starter is straighforward French breakfast filter coffee, freshly brewed and black!

    18. Caroline Says:

      My favourite is Assam tea

    19. Nat Says:

      Earl (Or as I call it Early, because I have it so early in the morning) Grey Tea!

    20. Claire Baker Says:

      I adore Chamomile tea. It really does de-stress you and helps to give you a good nights sleep.

    21. Mary Bush Says:

      I absolutely love my Nambarrie tea, unfortunately I have great difficulty in finding stockists.

      My next favourite dring is Hot Chocolate with cream and marshmallows.

    22. Rachael Says:

      Tetley tea with a sainburys digestive with chocolate pieces biscuits

    23. Kal Says:

      Hot chocolate! But in the morning I prefer a strong cup o’ PG Tips. Milk, one sweetner.

    24. Ivan P Says:

      I love all tea but my favourite is Earl Grey

    25. Nell Westwood Says:

      I love Yogi Tea’s “Choco Aztec Spice”. It’s very spicy and the ground cocoa shells give it a warm chocolatey undertone. Yum!

    26. Jane Adair Says:

      Earl Grey …. you just can’t beat it!

    27. juli Says:

      Strawberry and raspberry, so refreshing

    28. gwen thomas Says:

      Definitely a nice strong cup of coffee, any will do I’m not a coffee snob!

    29. Gemma Says:

      White tea- I dislike black and green tea, but white tea is very refreshing and doesn’t have a terrible aftertaste!

    30. Paula Says:

      Earl Grey my all time favourite freshly brewed strong and hot with a couple of biccies MMM Heaven

    31. Nicky Russell Says:

      I m an old fashioned Ovaltine girl 🙂

    32. Cathy Says:

      Hot chocolate… yummy!

    33. ann Says:

      I love a strong cup of Yorkshire tea in the morning, but never tried a blend of tea that I haven’t enjoyed. Also love a cup of hot chocolate on a cold, winter’s day.

    34. Kathryn Says:

      I just made myself a cup of Fairtrade Scottish blend but I like black chai, Redbush, oolong and herbal as well. And coffee! Cappuccino or latte. Just depends what I feel like drinking.

      Thanks for the comp 😉

    35. Mary Says:

      love a cup of freshly made tea in the morning , the coffee at ten followed by any fruit infusion after,
      dinner time a nice cup of earl Grey,and peppermint tea during the evening

    36. Shirley Says:

      Green tea

    37. Stephanie Says:

      Nothing like good old English breakfast team – At any time of day to be honest!

    38. Margaret Naughton Says:

      Hazelnut Cappucino with a vanilla stick to stir.

    39. Gilla Says:

      I like green tea with vanilla. Peppermint tea is good, as well. First thing in the morning, though, normal black tea with a spoonful of honey and milk!

    40. CEZZZ Says:

      Fruit teas, and particularly any of the berry ones. The smell from them is wonderful !

    41. Louise Says:

      Peppermint Tea

    42. Lora Says:

      I like a mug of Redbush tea, but my ultimate favourite hot drink has got to be cinnamon spiced hot chocolate with cream 🙂

    43. Andrea Says:

      yorkshire tea

    44. David Sweet Says:

      green tea

    45. Keith C Says:

      I love Green Tea

    46. Robyn Clarke Says:

      Green tea with jasmine, really refreshing especially after a big meal

    47. vikki Says:

      Green tea 🙂

    48. ayako Says:

      Green tea with dash of lemon.

    49. craig brown Says:

      calypso coffee…. ( irish style coffee with a shot of tia maria and topped with fresh cream)….

    50. Phillippa Says:

      ceylon or earl grey tea, or if i’m looking for decaf, peppermint 🙂

    51. liz denial Says:

      Good old English breakfast tea or a lovely frothy skinny cappuccino

    52. Heather Shaw Says:

      caramel tea. i had it at disney land at it was wonderful. I can’t find it in the uk though 🙁

    53. Jennifer Thorpe Says:

      I love earl grey tea, so refreshing

    54. FionaLynne Edwards Says:

      I love Assam Tea. I really can’t drink anything else now!

    55. Floss Says:

      A strong cuppa of Yorkshire tea!..brewed to perfection, half a sugar and a drop of milk please! or a milky coffee

    56. christine burton Says:

      i love pg tips it just starts my day and nescafe ends it

    57. Angie Allen Says:

      I love all teas , as long as its strong

    58. Marie Says:

      Hot water

    59. jacquelyn Says:

      green tea with mint

    60. Kelly smith Says:

      i like fruit teas, especially the vanilla, gingseng n blackcurrant flavour yum x

    61. lynn ward Says:

      coffee for me, dont drink much else x

    62. emma anderson Says:

      Strong black freshly roasted coffee in the morning, green tea with jasmine or lemon the rest of the day and horlicks before bed!

    63. Dawn Says:

      Tea Pigs summer flowers tea is lovely, sold in little silk tea bags, what luxury, so refreshing

    64. Tricia Says:

      green tea

    65. Julie Henderson Says:

      I absolutely adore stawberry tea. So refreshing

    66. Amy Keogh Says:

      it has to be Whittards mango and passionfruit tea for me….hot or cold…lush lush lush!

    67. Susan Says:

      Rasberry Tea – very refreshing!

    68. Sara Stanley Says:

      Dowe egberts coffee

    69. helen Says:

      plain white tea with no sugar

    70. mike u Says:

      Coffee until midday, then Redbush tea in the evening

    71. Clare O'Reilly Says:

      I love Jasmine tea x

    72. Robert Price Says:

      Assam tea at all times

    73. Susan Hunt Says:

      There is nothing better than my strong black coffee first thing in the morning. I am also quite partial to a cup of Earl Grey.

    74. carol adamson Says:

      a nice strong cup of tea for me thanks

    75. Jen B Says:

      A refreshing cup of camomile after a hard day’s work – perfick!

    76. Dee Says:

      After a particularly stressful year, someone suggested happiness tea, which I bought online. It boosts your spirit and tastes lovely with Rosemary and Cardamon.

    77. Joanie M Says:

      Camomile tea – so relaxing!

    78. Jane Costello Says:

      My ultimate drink is hot chocolate, with whipped cream and grated chocolate on top if I’m feeling really indulgent.

    79. Karis Boone Says:

      My favourite hot drink is Cadburys Hot Chocolate Drink, but it has to be the one thats in the round cardboard tube!

      I also love Earl Grey!

    80. kelly jones Says:

      a zingy lemon and lime tea

    81. Ruth Says:

      Whittard’s Russian Caravan Tea – sounds odd but tastes amazing!

    82. toria Says:

      I love all tea but my favourite is Ceylon, very refreshing!

    83. tom Says:

      Am I allowed to say Typhoo????? 🙂

    84. Cheryl Gannon Says:

      A really spicy Chai made with all steamed milk and topped with Cinnamon – yum!

    85. Diane Says:

      I usually buy PG – nice to wake up with

    86. Natalja Popsujeva Says:

      Hot chocolate

    87. ANNE TIERNAN Says:


    88. janie h Says:

      I like Russian Caravan tea. Exotic!

    89. Marie Says:

      Proper hot chocolate, made so thick the teaspoon stands up in it!

    90. Sean Curtis Says:

      I like hot fresh peppermint morrocon teas with Mcvities biscuits! goes down like a treat 🙂 cant dip your biscuit for too long though! it soon breaks off haha

    91. stephen wislonleach Says:

      i love earl grey tea

    92. ImmortalBeloved Says:

      A Suchard hot chocolate made using a Tassimo system with a Co-op triple chocolate cookie on the side yummy!

    93. Caroline Says:

      pure, strong, organic green tea to rev you up and kick start the metabolism. But for after meals it is always worth having a strong peppermint tea just to settle the stomache. Actually, i’m having a peppermint right now just to wake me up a little!

    94. Andrew Says:

      Freshly ground arabic coffee beans and hot milk and brown sugar

    95. S CARIA Says:

      Earl Grey – lovely

    96. Solange Says:

      I like Green Tea

    97. Helen Says:

      A nice cup of Assam!

    98. JAMES HOLYLAND Says:

      The co-op de caf is perfect for me!

    99. Alison Says:

      coffee and Bailey’s or hot chocolate and cointreau….yummy!

    100. lisa Says:

      Hot Chocolate with cream

    101. Emma Says:

      Hot chocloate with cream and marshmallows

    102. Victoria Boland Says:


    103. Rod Mowe Says:

      Earl Grey, no milk, my choice

    104. Anne Says:

      Earl Grey in a proper china teacup with a saucer.

    105. Julie Booth Says:

      earl Grey- so English and refreshing.

    106. Julie Brett Says:

      English breakfast tea with lots of milk and a sweetner. Lovely.!

    107. Daphne Says:

      Rather odd, but my favourite hot drink at the moment is ribenna!

    108. Choclette Says:

      Just had a cup of white pearl tea which was really refreshing.

    109. Alison T Says:

      Yorkshire Tea is my favourite hot drink followed fairly closely by Bovril as there is nothing quite like hot bovril on a cold winter day.

    110. Christine Johnson Says:

      Cappuccino with those little biscuists at the side

    111. Laura Says:

      A cinnamon coffee-yum

    112. Roberta Doctor Says:

      For a special cuppa, in winter I enjoy a cup of Chai. In summer it’s either Lady Grey or Darjeeling. No milk or sugar in any of them, just pure flavour.

    113. Caroline McKenzie Says:

      a cup of Darjeeling with just a drop of milk to start the day

    114. Jen Says:

      It has to be a nice mug of hot chocolate with plain chocolate biscuits, the ultimate chocoholic

    115. Pamela Gossage Says:

      Very weak china tea or Green Tea

    116. Melissa Gazi Says:

      Assam tea with a splash of milk. No sugar 🙂

    117. SAN Says:

      earl grey – I find it very refreshing.

    118. Ranita Says:

      Jasmine tea

    119. kim Says:


    120. Melanie Says:

      hot chocolate with cream and mallows

    121. JULIE PANNELL Says:

      latte coffee

    122. Paul Marshall Says:

      Earl Grey

    123. Angela Gorman Says:

      earl grey

    124. Sue Hunt Says:

      Just straightforward Indian tea for me, but made with leaves, not bags 🙂

    125. Alison Says:

      I love green tea

    126. P Phillips Says:

      Tetley with milk and 5 sweetners.

    127. yvonne clark Says:

      I love Horlicks

    128. Helen Says:

      Got to be green tea or hot choc for me! x

    129. Georgina Ball Says:

      Hot choc always!

    130. Suzanne sendell Says:

      Pg tips ,all day

    131. Danielle Graves Says:

      My fave hot drink is Bovril

    132. Kristian Says:

      Builders tea with 2!

    133. Jacqueline Petty Says:

      I love a good old fashioned cup of PG tips (milk no sugar), although every so often I like to treat myself to a frothy cappuccino with chocolate sprinkles!

    134. Amanda Hutchings Says:

      My drink of choice would have to be a full flavoured, strong aromatic coffee. On indulgent days though I do love a mocha to satisfy my cravings. With the lovely warm weather we have had recently I find that a cup of simple green tea is very refreshing.

    135. Kathy Says:

      Its got to be Hot chocolate – looking out of the window on a very cold day.

    136. siobhan c Says:

      Green Tea with a hint of lemon

    137. Jenny O Says:

      I love most tea, so can’t really chose….but it has to be hot, strong and in a lovely cup!!!

    138. Sarah Whittington Says:

      I love cold mint tea,with a little bit of honey!

    139. Michelle Bamber Says:

      in the summer it’s a refreshing cup of peppermint tea but my favourite drink in the winter is a warm mug of steaming coffee

    140. Barbara Smith Says:

      I love Horlicks made with semi skimmed milk and one sugar 😀

    141. S Williams Says:

      Strong coffee with homemade ginger syrup. Lovely

    142. Phil D Says:

      BUilders tea everytime, as I like to show off my bum cleavage

    143. Cathryn Bowen Says:

      Good Old Cup of Tea

    144. Natalie Henderson Says:

      I love mint tea made with fresh mint leaves and hot water – lovely!! 🙂

    145. Heather Walsh Says:

      Peppermint tea.

    146. Kelly-ann Says:

      My favourite is hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows

    147. Jenna Says:

      I love chai with plenty of ginger. In the evenings though, I love a hot toddy made with nice whisky. What can I say – it’s cold up here in Glasgow!

    148. Sarah T Says:

      Green tea with mint

    149. Laura Hadland Says:

      I love a simple cup of tea – black with one sweetener please!

    150. Carrie-ann Says:

      Gotta be hot chocolate with a big splash of baileys. YUM

    151. Jaime Hyland Says:

      Earl Grey

    152. Karina Braekkan Says:

      Spicy cinnamon chai latte. 🙂

    153. vicky Says:

      i love calomine and honey twining tea bags. And i love coffee but only caffine free!

    154. Elaine Taylor Says:

      blackcurrant tea (keeps me awake at work!!)

    155. Frances Grasby Says:

      My favourite tea for a refreshing cup is assam

    156. cf225 Says:

      Hot chocolate!

    157. Mo Says:

      The first cup of tea of the day!

    158. michelle moloney Says:

      tea leaf tea, prefarably assam 🙂

    159. Cathy MacLennan Says:

      I love green tea and percolated coffee

    160. Karen Baxter Says:

      I love a cuppa of Clipper’s Green Tea with Mint … Very refreshing cold or hot

    161. Samantha Mackie Says:

      Lady Grey with a lemon slice- mmm heaven

    162. Shaz Says:

      Tea in the morning all day ..and horlicks at night

    163. Beth Says:

      Black tea flavoured with rose, delicious.

    164. Mary Says:

      It’s got to be hot chocolate, my favourite drink to snuggle up with!

    165. Julia Says:

      Thanks for all your fantastic entries; I’ve really enjoyed reading them.

      I’m happy to announce that we have a winner: Christine Burton! Congratulations Christine, I’ll send you an email so we can arrange for you to have your prize.

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