Win a Set of Mugs from Cornishware

July 14th, 2010

Cornishware Coloured Mugs

It’s time for another exciting competition! Cornishware, the company behind the classic blue and white design of a pottery collection which has adorned British kitchens for more than eight decades, has teamed up with A Slice of Cherry Pie to give away not one, but two sets of four mugs from the new multi-coloured range. These gorgeous mugs come in two unique sets; ‘FOR THE GIRLS’ with soft ice-cream shades reminiscent of faded seaside bunting and ‘FOR THE BOYS’ inspired by a box of old croquet balls with a rich, bold russet red, teal green and jet black as well as the classic blue. Two lucky readers will each receive one set of four mugs, worth £40 each.

To be in with a chance of winning leave a comment stating which set of mugs you would like to win and what you like to eat and drink on a girls or boys night (in or out!). A winner will be chosen at random for each set. Closing date 28th July 2010.

The full range of Cornishware is available to buy at

His Gift Set 1

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    73 Responses to “Win a Set of Mugs from Cornishware”

    1. Katie Says:

      I love to go out and eat tapas for a night out. Social, fun and you get to try lots of different things. All helped along with a nice chilled glass of wine! Delicious!

      If I’m the lucky one, a For The Boys Set please.


    2. Elisa Says:

      Having now finally moved into our own place, I would love to have a girls night in with my gay/bi boys. Slow cooked meats, salads, cheeses, olives, cornichons and crusty bread, all washed down with mystery punch and ice cold beers. For pud – a brown sugar pavlova topped pineapple, mint, passionfruit and banana.

      I would love either set – as my kitcne is ridiculously bare!

    3. Juls @ Juls' Kitchen Says:

      Aren’t they cute?!? I love the boy set: love strong colours!
      As regards eat and drink on a girls night out, being in summer, I’m up for ice cream and milk shakes.
      My favourite choice, though, would be iced tea with lemon water-ice, so refreshing!

    4. Rosie Hopkins Says:

      For a girls’ night in, my favourite thing to cook is a good big macaroni cheese, with a tomato salad. However, my friends and I spend the afternoon together more often, and then I like to do cheese scones to my grandmother’s recipe (extra-cheesy). You may be detecting a theme here!

      Should I be lucky, I would like the For the Boys set, please.

    5. Becky White Says:

      Girls night in= Brushcetta (at this time of year topped with tomatoes from the garden and a bit of homegrown basil), followed by mozarella stuffed chicken wrapped in parma ham, topped off with
      a rich chocolate mousse (maybe laced with a bit of cointreau) for pudding with shortbread biscuits! All accompanied by lots of lovely wine…!

      Set for the girls (if I’m lucky!) please!

    6. jeff johanson Says:

      would love the bright red

      definiely an indian curry

    7. Jo Says:

      Girls Night In = Homemade Pizza with watercress, rocket and spinach salad with a homemade salad dressing, and garlic focaccia with something very naughty for dessert with lots of chocolate, such as a chocolate torte. All served with red wine and lots of laughing!

      I would like the girls set if I win please 🙂

    8. JP Savage Says:

      A diverse group of the boys will descend upon my house in far northern Michigan for a week to a fortnight in order to chase monster trout over giant Hexagenia limbata mayflies (Hex, to its friends), a nocturnal bug who only comes out for a day or two to mate, lay eggs and feed the previously mentioned giant trout from well after dark through the wee small hours of the morning.

      The attendees may come from anywhere, (and past attendees have traveled from as afar afield as Tasmania, New Zealand, Ireland, South America, and several of the 50 states), so already we are operating on wildly different internal clocks. As we must become nocturnal creatures ourselves, Amazing amounts of coffee are consumed late in the evening before we head out, while on the river (providing logistical issues as we are all wearing chest waders!), and at elaborate breakfasts that could be anything from bangers and mash to bacon and eggs, to whatever anyone feels like making.

      These mugs, (in Manly shades, please!) would add greatly to the experience not only with their capacity and heft, but would enhance our international sub-plot!

    9. Reb Says:

      For a girl’s night in, I love some good homemade pizza with fresh basil and tomato slices, along with a spinach salad. If we’re going out, though, it’s definitely gelatto or ice cream.

      I would love to be lucky enough to win the girls’ set!

    10. NIm Singh Says:

      Girls night in – i love meals where everyone gets to share, you don’t eat with knives and forks but can pick with fingers and get messy, so mezze, tapas style where you can mix some good quality pre bought things with things you cooked – it shouldn’t be hard work and then its all about dessert- which has to be Chocolate and gooey!
      if i won i’d like the boys set please.

    11. Anna Says:

      My favourite girls night out would be a homemade pizza and wine night (more of a night in I guess!) – with thin, crispy pizza bases and choose-your-own gourmet toppings. And lots of red wine.
      I like the boys set; my favourite colours are blue and teal 🙂

    12. Ria Mathew Says:

      I’d like to win the girl’s set! And for the night out, it would be Pepperoni pizza and Honey chicken wings!

    13. Helen Says:

      I love these, the girls set is my favourite!

      I’d have to say pizza. Followed by some amazingly chocolatey pudding. And wine. Lots of wine. 🙂 x

    14. Reb@SolongandThanksforalltheFood Says:

      For a great girls night out: irish coffee, to keep warm hands and hearts, to enjoy till the last drop of cream! Even better, listening to jazz music, talking as if time had no size!
      I would really like to sip the morning coffee from one of the boys set’s mug!!

    15. Jess Says:

      I LOVE these! I would love to win a girls set, although both are gorgeous.

      My favourite meal out on a girls night out would have to be a Spanish Tapas menu! Love tapas and love the concept of eating together and sharing, laughing and enjoying life together. Would wash it all down with a hearty red wine followed by nice coffee. xx

    16. deb Says:

      I love to go for some yummy mixed drinks and cheesy garlic bread bits. I could snack on it all night!
      : )

    17. Hetty Says:

      MMM..those ice cream coloured mugs are totally scrummy.

      Can I put my name in for the girls set please?

      Thank you xx

    18. RosieB Says:

      My granddaughter and I used to enjoy our girlie nights in with a film, popcorn and maltesers! Sadly we don’t do this anymore as they now live in Australia, but next time she comes for a visit I hope we’ll do it again. I love the girly set of mugs 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win these

    19. Libby Says:

      Girls’ night in with Mexican food and Margaritas (everyone lives w/in walking distance, so no drinking and driving!) I would love the For the Boys set of mugs. Nice colors.

    20. Cath Says:

      For a girly night in I like to go for Mexican food, guacamole, salsa and sweetcorn & black bean salad with freshly fried tortilla strips, followed by a huge spread of fill-your-own fajitas, chicken, steak and loads of veggies! And to drink? Why, margaritas of course! I like both the sets of mugs, it’s so hard to choose – but after your poetic description of “faded seaside bunting”, the GIRL’S set just pips it for me! I’d love that one if I’m lucky enough to be chosen… xx

    21. Vanessa Says:

      Boy set please. I think a pitcher of Sangria with some salty nibbles would hit the spot!

    22. Ruth Clemens Says:

      I love the for the girls set so girly and cute. I have a houseful of boys and insist that I foist my girliness upon them! For a night in with my boys we love cakes and cookies with a side of popcorn and maybe some sweeties thrown in for good measure!


    23. Olga Says:

      Hope I can enter the competition, as I’m living in Barcelona. It would be a fantastic birthday present!! Cheerio.

    24. Anna Says:

      I love the girls mugs! For a girls night- it’s all about Prosecco and flour-less chocolate cake with raspberries for me!

    25. Sue Smith Says:

      I would love the girl’s mugs 🙂

      I’m a bit of a pizza fan, so it would have to be a choice of pizzas for a night in!

    26. AMANDA LETCH Says:

      A girls night in,tapas and wine and maybe a chocolate dessert x Girls mugs please

    27. May @ Slow Food Kitchen Says:

      I love the girl’s set. Great colours.

      A great girls night out would be getting some caterers in, great food, wine and chat. They do all the cooking and cleaning up. No stress and no need to leave when the meal is done.

    28. Kevin M Says:

      I’d like to win the boys mugs though my wife says the girls – in other words, whatever!!
      On a boys night in it has to be pizza (from Dominos – the hotter the better for me). On a night out – I’ll try almost anything, but I love to start with garlic mushrooms followed by a vegetable lasagne & chips, all very simple but lovely!

    29. Alison Eden Says:

      “One for the girls” please if I win.

      On a girls night out, my favourite is to go to an Italian restaurant and share a variety of appetsisers, pizzas, pastas and delicious deserts

    30. Frances Heaton Says:

      I would like to win the boys set please.

      My ideal meal to eat on a night out would be a starter of mushroom with a cheesy dip, followed by braised chicken in herbs. And for dessert – nothing but Tiramasu will do! And a glass of moet de chandon to wash it all down. Heaven!

    31. Tracey Ford Says:

      “one for the Girls please” if i’m lucky enough to win these gorgeous mugs.
      My ideal meal on a night out would have to be a Snail in garlic butter starter followed by a medium/rare fillet steak smothered in homemade pate and papper sauce. and finish off with a portion of Tiramisu..

      Been a very long time since i’ve been to a restaurant but its a dream i have xx

    32. Daniel Says:

      Count me For the Boys, and a great night out is pizza and craft beer, or maybe some Manhattans.

    33. Francine Kirk Says:

      Hi, wow these look fab! I would love the girls set please if I was to be one of the lucky winners!

      On a girls night in I love making cocktails, my favorites at the moment are lime margaritas! Sour and heavenly, with enough kick to get everyone giggly! I would serve little tapas style bites like brushetta, chilli prawns and anything else thats easy to make and you can pop in your mouth in one go!

    34. Ailbhe Says:

      Girls night in. Once I had one where I served mini fish goujons & chips wrapped in OK pages (natch), mini vegetarian pasties which were followed by vanilla ice cream & fresh strawberry coulis. No film watching – were too busy chatting – and, of course, lots of cold bubbly drinks. Ahem, we did dance around to Take That (the original young set w Robbie) and Abba later.

      Boys set though please if I win. The colours match my kitchen best – and colour matching is sooo important : )

    35. Catharine Says:

      ooh simply gorgeous mugs! would love the girls set.

      Would definitely go out, any chance i get (when you have children).
      Would go to a Greek restaurant with all the girlies and share a mezze, and participate in a bit of plate smashing!

    36. Diana Says:

      Boys mugs for my boys would be lovely.

      I have a regular girls’ night in with my neighbours and we take it in turns to cook. I can tell you that my Marmalade chicken with Sweet Potato mash goes down a treat, especially when followed by Baked Italian Almond Tart & Marscapone. We normally manage a couple of bottles of Sauvignon Blanc, and maybe a drop of Amaretto and a Cappuccino to finish.

      No driving home, no taxi to worry about!

    37. Jane Willis Says:

      For a girls night out it has to be sharing food and there’s nothing better than Chinses food – eaten with chopsticks of course – with everyone helping each other to the tastiest morsels. It helps that it’s consideredd good manners to make a mess of the tablecloth!

      I like the boys mugs best.

    38. Emily Says:

      I choose the boys set please. On a night out or in I like Indian food 🙂

    39. Roslyn Marshall Says:

      The girly mugs for me and my girls would be heavenly!

      For a girly night in during winter we usually opt for dreamy hot chocolate with a little toddy, marshmallows for dipping in chocolate inside the fondu, and a selection of homemade cakes and biscuits – usually my best friends homemade shortbread (which is super nommy!)


    40. Ellen Stafford Says:

      For girls night in chinese takeaway with a few drinks 🙂

      I would like the girls set if I win they are lush 🙂


      I’d like the girls set please.
      On a girls night in I love to cook a 3 course meal, with a really decadent dessert. Lovely to have cocktails too.

    42. Elizabeth Burton Says:

      I love the ‘for the girls’ set.

      On a night out (or in for that matter) I go for pizza everytime :0) Accompanied by a bottle or two of Pinot.

    43. Samantha Deeks Says:

      Oh yes…the girls set please.x

    44. Wayne Howell Says:

      Boys for me if I win. Best night out is watching footie followed by an indian curry. Bonus if my girlfriend picks me up after!! Perhaps I better have the girls set then as a sweetner.

    45. Made With Pink Says:

      Love the Girls set! On a Girls night in we usually get pizza, watch a movie and eat some of my homemade cupcakes – I can’t eat them all myself!

    46. Julie Henderson Says:

      Love the girls set. Would just finish off my new kitchen decor perfectly and would be ideal for any of our visitors

    47. Louis Anthony Woodbine Says:

      It’s the girl’s set as a gift. Boys night out has to be tactile food, the sort you just have to feel as well as taste when you are eating it … take a good Italian pizza slice rolled up and eaten like a sausage Roman style for example (leaving the other hand to gesticulate towards the football on TV or arguing politics, or the other non-supper table subjects!)…either way, for drinks it has to be wine…I am a wine blogger (as well as a food blogger)… I can’t let the side down on that front!

    48. Pixie Says:

      I’d love to win the ‘for the boys’ set. Our girls night in consists of us all bringing our signature dishes. Normally I make toad in the hole (if I’m hosting) or millionaire shortbread if I’m going to someone else’s house. Thanks for the opportunity!

    49. Alethea Hill Says:

      Definitely the ‘For the Girls’ set . . . for a girls night it’s usually curry with all the trimmings followed by lemon meringue pie.

    50. dawnyj Says:

      I’d love an afternoon out with the girls where we could have afternoon tea. Mini sandwiches with the crusts cut off and then lots of delicious cupcakes and scones with some nice tea. I wouldn’t even mind recreating it for the girls at home getting everyone to bake something delicious to bring along and add to our feast!

      I’d like the ‘For the Girls’ set so that I could have all the girls round for a nice cuppa in my posh new mugs!

    51. Annetje Says:

      July 26th, 2010 at 5:10 pm
      Love both sets, but think the girl’s set is the prettiest. Have some favourite Cornish ware pieces in my kitchen and use the Green’s pie dishes and mixing bowl set very very often. (Very scary they stopped making them, i could not live/cook without)

      For the ‘girls night in’, we would have a late lazy luncheon in the garden. Each bringing a favourate tapas style dish or salad, with a cool glass of Cava and home made bread. We would finish it of with mugs of tea and home made cakes.


    52. Sophie Says:

      A girls night in has to involve lots of lovely snacky bits and bobs so a selection of homemade tapas including meatballs, bruschetta, salt and pepper calamari, smoked mackerel patties and if the girls are lucky, sushi. For dessert, choc brownies with clotted cream (need I say more?). All washed down with prosecco and a dash of cassis.

      I absolutely love Cornishware and being a girly girl, I would love a set of the ‘For the Girls’ mugs so I can serve up a nice brew to my besties when they next come round for a gossip.

    53. Denise S Says:

      girls night in fish and chips which one of the girls collects on route with some bread for a chip butty mmm eaten out of the paper with fingers no washing up washed down with some thing fizzy and alcoholic.
      Love the girls set for a mug of late night chocolate with cream ontop to finish the evening.

    54. Athena Says:

      Girls night in is a must in the Pacific Northwest, especially in the fall. At my house we usually have an appetizer night with lots of wine. I would love to win the hers set of mugs. The colors are beautiful.

    55. Phil Holland Says:

      For the Boys set please.
      Love to stay in for some winter food such as chilli con carne or shepherds pie!

    56. andrea caizley (@andiecaz) Says:

      i`d like to win the girls set,its gorgeous and for a great night out me and my mates always end a fab night out with a curry, a night out just wouldnt be the same without one.

    57. Louise Welsh Says:

      Can’t beat a big bag of kettle chips and champagne!

    58. Christine Sanderson Says:

      Love the “girly” set, Cornishware is such a design classic.

      I love to organise a get together of all my “girlie” friends over the school summer holidays when I’m on 6 weeks blissful unpaid leave to look after my darling daughter.

      Really go for broke with a pink girlie soiree, pink crockery, tablecloths, napkins etc. All the food has at least a hint of pink & the pink drinks must include rose cava & raspberry gin. Dress code is of course pink & I get a pianist to play. I open all the french doors & we spill out onto the patio & soak up the gloriuos views of the framland that surrounds the house – can’t wait for this years event!

    59. Graham F Says:

      My wife would love the girly mugs, she swears tea tastes better in lovely mugs so these would be perfect for her.

      As for a night in it would have to be a Thai banquet(home made, of course), spicy pork and beans, red fish curry, chicken and galangal and green papaya salad with sticky rice. And lots of beer Chang.

    60. Emma Says:

      I fancy the boys mugs please, as they would tone with my kitchen. And a perfect night in would be a roast dinner
      with lots of wine followed by syrup sponge and cream.

    61. Merlotti Says:

      I’d love to win the girly set – such pretty colours!
      As for what to eat on a girls’ night in? It would have to be a little set of amuse-bouche (mini toads in holes, smoked salmon blinis, etc) which would go perfectly with a whole range of cocktails! In fact, you could pair them up!

      Thanks! Merlotti x

    62. Lynne Says:

      Oh got to be girl’s mugs!

      As a group of 7 or 8 extremely raucous 50 (ish) year olds, who have known each other since our teens we regularly have a girl’s night out at a fabulous Chinese restaurant with an Eat All You Like menu.

      We always have the same. Prawn satay (LOTS) Chicken Dumplings (VERY LOTS) Peking Duck (EVEN LOTSER). Extra Satay sauce, and extra pancakes… then another round of starters.. and then more starters…

      to drink.. pink cava! Got to have pink fizz on a girl’s night out!

    63. Chris Clarke Says:

      ‘FOR THE BOYS’

      Nothing beats a meal at a sushi resturant, with plenty of sake of wash it down.

    64. Anne Says:

      Everyone is rather more sophisticated than me and my girlie friends – we tend to drink lots of girlie drinks and either eat some cupcakes in the pub (my friends make me bake pre-nights out) or we go for a fabulous curry or a good pizza. nothing too fancy I’m afraid – but lots of fun and lots of laughs 🙂

      If I won I’d love the girls mugs – they are gorgeous. Well both sets are gorgeous but I like the girls ones best!

    65. Katie Bryson Says:

      As I’m feeding boys in this house, it has to be the BOYS set please please please!!!!

      For a night in with the boys it has to be home-made juicy lamb burgers using my granny’s vintage burger press – served up with wholemeal pittas and a fresh yoghurt and mint dressing. I’d also knock up some potato wedges and fresh salad on the side.

      Ice cold lagers to drink and something lazy for pudding like lashings of phish food ice cream with fresh raspberries from our recent fruit picking escapades.

    66. Lucie Says:

      Fab giveaway Julia! I would love, love, love them. I would love to be in with a chance of winning the girls mugs. I love another more than on a girls night in that having wine, loaded nachos and brownies – yum!!! Thanks for chance. Lucie x

    67. alice Says:

      Boys set! I love those colours. For a girls night in I think you can’t beat pizza plus wine 😉

    68. Simon Says:

      Great giveaway, thanks. Night out usually involves a nice steak and red wine. Cheesecake if i`m lucky. 🙂

    69. Brownieville Girl Says:

      Loads and loads of nibbles, cheese biscuits, really nice dips etc, and of course plenty of bubbles!

      Love the boys set.

    70. Jo B Says:

      If I am lucky enough to win ‘FOR THE GIRLS’ set please.

      It would have to be rack of lamb, dauphinoise potatoes and fine green beans, to finish a lemon posset.

    71. IslandEAT Says:

      Julia, I’d choose the boy’s set and think of Cornish pasties and maybe a good Cornish ale alongside. Great giveaway and site (I arrived via Ewa at Delishhh).



    72. Sarah Jane Jones Says:

      A good girls night out for my friends and I would involve a cosy local pub serving fabulous home cooked food, a roaring open fire, plenty of wine and time to sit and chat for hours!

      The pastel ‘for the girls’ set is just gorgeous. Thank you for taking the time to run this super competition.

    73. Katherine Says:

      I would love a FOR THE GIRLS set … on girls night, I’d load the pretty pastel cups with full fat ice cream, drench it in chocolate syrup, top it with nuts and lots of whipped cream! I use cups for pretty much everything (soups, puddings) as it’s so easy to hold 🙂