Warm Goats Cheese, Pancetta and Avocado Salad

Warm Goat's Cheese Pancetta and Acocado Salad 2

I made myself this lovely salad for lunch yesterday. The richness and creaminess of the avocado and goats cheese along with the salty pancetta make this a rather indulgent salad, which is surprisingly filling too.

I cut some pancetta into cubes and fried them until crispy. You don’t need any oil in the pan for this as the pancetta has enough of its own fat. Meanwhile I scooped out half an avocado and lay it on a bed of rocket, spinach and watercress. I then tipped the pancetta out onto kitchen paper to soak up the excess fat and added it to the salad.

Next I fried some rounds of goats cheese just for a few minutes to gently warm them through. Make sure you use a cheese with a rind, otherwise it will just melt in the pan. They were then placed onto the salad and to finish it off I made up a dressing to drizzle over with 3 parts extra virgin olive oil, 1 part white wine vinegar and a pinch of sea salt.

It was quite delicious and for a salad it felt rather naughty!

Warm Goat's Cheese Pancetta and Acocado Salad


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