The Times Online’s Top 50 Food Blogs

February 17th, 2009

When I heard that ‘A Slice of Cherry Pie’ had been listed as number 2 in The Times Online’s Top Ten Blogs for the Home Cook I was both stunned and delighted. But imagine my utter surprise to receive an email from The Times this evening, just over a week later, informing me that ‘A Slice of Cherry Pie’ has also made it into their 50 of the World’s Best Food Blogs! I didn’t blog about the first list but, forgive me, I feel two is worth a mention.

I feel very honoured indeed for my blog to have been recognised in such a way when there are so many fantastic food blogs out there. Do take some time to take a look at the blogs on the lists and also all the brilliantly inspiring blogs listed on The UK Food Bloggers Association’s blog.

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome new readers who have found me thanks to The Times online – I’m so pleased you have and I do hope you enjoy your visit here and come back again very, very soon.

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    21 Responses to “The Times Online’s Top 50 Food Blogs”

    1. Tonya @ What's On My Plate Says:

      That’s how I found your blog! I love finding new food blogs.

    2. Jeanne Says:

      Well done – I was glad to be sharing the list with a familiar face 🙂 Let’s hear it for the UK food bloggers!!

    3. Katie Says:

      Wow what an honour!

    4. MsMarmitelover Says:

      Well done!

    5. Alex Says:

      Congraulations! What are you going to cook to celebrate?

    6. Lennie Nash Says:

      Yes, wholeheartedly agree with MsMarmitelover. Well done. Nice to see a UK food blogger get in there. These lists always seem so dominated by US blogs.

      Keep up the good work!


    7. Anne Says:

      well done Julia, you deserve it x

    8. Jen Says:


    9. Anne Says:

      Oh wow, congratulations Julia! What a massive achievement!

      I’ve just seen this and thought of you – you have to find someone to knit it for you!

    10. delphine Says:

      I follow your site too from France, and I think the honour is well deserved; Let’s face it food is one of the most important things in all our lives, so do keeping posting you lovely recipes. I am English and used to live in Rainham Kent, don’t know if that is near you. My daughter still lives near there.

    11. Olga Says:

      Congratulations Julia!

    12. Em. Says:


    13. Soma Says:

      Congratulations ! Julia you so deserve it!


    14. Julia Says:

      Hey everyone – you’re all so lovely; thanks for your kind comments.
      Jeanne – and many congrats to you too. Let’s indeed here it for the UK bloggers – hoorah!

      Alex – hmmm…I think perhaps a fat, juicy, rare steak.

      Anne – oh I LOVE it! It’s so perfect; yes I must find someone who can knit if for me.

      Delphine – I couldn’t agree more (about food being so important). Rainham isn’t too far from me at all; just a zip down the motorway.

    15. Swapna Pravin Says:

      Congrag julia. u deserve it…

    16. Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 Says:

      Well done you. First time visitor, it looks great. Any gluten free recipes per chance?!! J X

    17. Wendy Says:

      Oh, congratulations!! Well deserved. 🙂

    18. French Fancy Says:

      Congratulations – I’ve just found you from my daily fix of the Times Online and I’m sure you will take your rightful place as another daily fix of mine

    19. Joanne Says:

      Congratulations! I’m glad I found you. I’m going to add you to my blogroll and hope that’s ok? Great site!

    20. Julia Says:

      Reasons to be cheerful – not deliberately gluten-free but yes, take a look around…

      Joanne – absolutely, and thank you. I have a list on the left of all the sites that link to mine so I’ll add you too!

    21. Shikishi Says:

      Wow! Congrats!

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