The Snow Day Bake-Off

November 28th, 2010

I love snow and I’ve been wistfully following the flurries around the UK on the news, Twitter, blogs and Facebook, wondering if it will head my way. I have a section in my new cookbook listing things to do on snow days and I’m looking forward to doing them when I get my own snow day. Until then, I thought we could have a little food blogging event and you can send me pictures of the snow where you are so I get to see it, along with the lovely bakes you make. What do you think; sound like fun?

To enter, all you have to do is bake something yummy and take a photo of the snow or frost and then blog about it, with a link back to this post. It looks like the winter chill is set to last so let’s set a deadline of 12th December and then I’ll do a round-up of all the snowy photos and bakes. I can’t wait to see them! You can also post on Twitter using the tags #SnowDayBakeOff and #uksnow. Have fun!

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    36 Responses to “The Snow Day Bake-Off”

    1. Scott at Real Epicurean Says:

      I’m in!

    2. Laura Says:

      Oh, dear… I will have to wait for the Easter Bake since I am in Rome and we have no snow – not usually. It snowed for 20 minutes last winter and the whole province came to a halt!

      It was a steamy, wet, rainy 16C, yesterday!

      Ciao, and as always, thank you so much for the invite. Your last cooking event (in the bag) really inspired me so I look forward to the next one!


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      making pressure cookers hip again, one recipe at a time!

    3. Jacqueline Says:

      Me too! Great idea Julia. I will add it to the food blog diary 🙂 Oh and I have emailed you my entry already xx

    4. Modern Country Lady Says:

      Lovely idea!! Found you through Home Baked and now am following you on Twitter.LOve baking- check my blog if you want!! See you at the bake-off anf hppay first Advent .

    5. Modern Country Lady Says:

      Hi, I have linked the following post to your Snow Day Bake Off:
      and enclosed a link to your blog and this link .
      Let me know what you think !

    6. Natalie Says:

      I am in, just need to bake and get some batteries for my camera!

    7. Really Easy Brioche Recipe | Says:

      […] I’m entering this to the A Slice of Cherry Pie “Snow Day Bake-Off” […]

    8. Kim Says:

      Oooh I would love to take part – but I think I am in the only part of the country that hasn’t had snow yet! I hope a heavy frost will do otherwise!

    9. Ediblerose Says:

      Oh definitely, me too! We have enough snow to share!

    10. Jo Romero Says:

      Hi Julia, just blogged for this – here’s the link!
      Can’t wait to see everyone’s yummy wintery bakes!

    11. Ginger cake | The Ordinary Cook Says:

      […] am submitting this entry to A Slice of Cherry Pie’s Snowy Day Bake Off because we could all do with a little comfort when the weather is so bitingly cold. If you are […]

    12. Kath Says:

      Hi Julia, Great idea, here is my entry, . My fingers are frozen as I type!

    13. Lou Says:

      Here is my post –

      Do I still need to email or does this count as my entry?
      Thanks, Lou.

    14. Dominic Says:

      I love this idea Julia,

      my partner is currently stuck in Lincolnshire in the house whilst I managed to get out before the snow came down… dont know if I wish I was there or not?!?!

      If I get back at the weekend i’ll make something for this little snowy challenge!

    15. Choclette Says:

      Does sound like fun. But we’ve no snow here to take pictures of, pretty or otherwise 🙁

    16. Michelle Says:

      Done mine too, great idea Julia 🙂

      Do I need to email you a link too?


    17. Chris Says:

      How fun! I wish it was snowing here in the southern part of the US. 🙂 You never know, though. Mother Nature may pull a fast one on us. Cheers!

    18. Julia Says:

      Hey guys. Wow, this is SO exciting! Don’t worry if you don’t have snow, you can use a picture of snow or frost from a past winter.

    19. Snow & Spicy Profiteroles « Procrastibaking Says:

      […] I guess that it’s officially winter and I’ve been roused from my previously catatonic state by Julia Parson’s ‘Snow Day […]

    20. Tori (@ Eat-Tori) Says:

      Hi Julia!

      Here we go! Just moved to the UK from sunny Sydney- so this is my first snow. It’s kind of tripping me out…

      But have discovered it’s an excellent excuse to stay inside and eat…

    21. Inside Out Snow Cakes « Now & Then Delicious Says:

      […] luck would have it Julia Parsons of Slice of Cherry Pie decided to have a Snow Day Bake off at the same time so I’m submitting them to the bake off […]

    22. Edible Rose Says:

      Just published my snow post with a link back to the bake-off!

      Great idea Julia, I could take photos of cakes in the snow all day x

    23. Jason @ (y)our food choices Says:

      We don’t have any snow in SF but I will be making some homemade Christmas cookies in the next day or two. Can I just include a rainy city scene instead? Here’s a recent post of ours for s’mores, just in case the snow becomes too much and you need some summer baking project.
      Jason & Steve

    24. Julia Says:

      Jason – absolutely, rainy days are just as good as snow days for baking!

    25. Sanchita Says:

      Hi Julia,

      I love your idea and here is my entry for your event. Hope you like it 🙂


    26. Scott at Real Epicurean Says:

      Wow – this looks like being one popular event!

      Perhaps everyone is stuck at home baking instead of going to work?

    27. Kim Says:

      We got some snow at last, so here is my entry, and have linked back to you in the post:

    28. C Says:

      I’ve just published my entry for this event Julia,

      Hope you’re enjoying your snow!

    29. Hanna Says:

      Brilliant idea!
      Here is my entry

      Hope everyone is enjoying the snow!

    30. Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful! | A Slice of Cherry Pie Says:

      […] know that many of you still have snow and there’s still time to join in the fun of the Snow Day Bake Off, which has gone down a storm! It’s going to be a great round-up in a week’s […]

    31. Nathalie Says:


      here is my entry for the bake-off

      Our snow is melting now – I just don’t want the ice to hang around for long!

    32. Choclette Says:

      Hi Julia

      Here is my entry

      Thanks, this is a lovely idea.

    33. mangocheeks Says:

      Hi there Julia,
      Here is my entry for the Snow Bake off – a Strawberry Curd Yogurt Loaf cake.

      The snow is starting to melt away now.

    34. Suz Says:

      Hi Julia,

      Here’s my entry for Snow Day Bake-Off – chocolate cinnamon rolls.

      A bit last minute. Hope it’s not too late!

      Thanks. This was fun. 🙂

    35. Brownieville Girl Says:

      This is my contribution:

      Thanks a million – what a good idea!

    36. Strawberry Curd Yogurt Loaf Quick Easy Food Recipes Says:

      […] much better the following day. I am sending this Strawberry Curd Loaf to Julia who is holding a Snow Day Bake-Off. I’ve actually forwarded a few recipes to Julia’s food blog event called 'In the Bag' before, […]

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