The Simplest of Meals can be the Greatest of All

June 12th, 2009

Cheeses 1

Cheeses 2

Cheeses 3

Cheeses 5

Cheeses 4

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    16 Responses to “The Simplest of Meals can be the Greatest of All”

    1. Swedish Mike Says:

      Some days simple is king!

      This looks really good, makes me want to go buy some good cheeses and some nice bread straight away.

      Hmm… Wonder if I could sneak away from my desk for half an hour or so 😉

      // Mike

    2. Manne Says:

      It is things like this that makes me ponder whether stopping to eat carbs is such a great idea after all… Yum.

      // Manne

    3. Sylvie Says:

      All you need with that is a glass of red wine and you have yourself a perfect evening!

    4. applecrumbles Says:

      You are so right!

    5. aforkfulofspaghetti Says:

      You can't beat fab cheese and fresh bread. My local deli-cafe was serving up much the same last week, with a tweak – a huge hunk of Stinking Bishop, with the biggest, freshest spring onions, and buttered Jersey Royals. Absolutely blissful!

    6. MissMVK Says:

      So true, so true!

    7. Sasha Says:

      I totally agree with you! Cheese with some wine and a baguette is the ultimate supper.

    8. Antonia Says:

      Couldn't agree more – cheese, bread, wine. It is all that is needed! I LOVE the butter.

    9. fran39 Says:

      This is making my mouth water…

    10. Helen Yuet Ling Pang Says:

      I like this! Really, no words are necessary to describe this most simple and delicious of meals.

    11. Jennifer Says:

      Simple and delicious–one of my favorite 'comfort' foods is simply cheese and fresh bread!!

    12. Mahek Says:

      great great photographs….
      Your blog is a real pleasure…
      keep up the good work , i hope we could have such a blogger's organization here in India where we all like minded people could meet and spend time together.

    13. thepassionatecook Says:

      i couldn't agree more… and especially when the cheeses are from neal's yard. my children make me very happy every time we go there and they try almost every cheese they're offered, on the other hand, they tried a baby bel they were offered at a birthday party the other day, spat it out immediately and siad "that's so disgusting"… they're taking after their Mum (although they do have something to learn in the tact despartment ;-))

    14. Jenny Says:

      Mmm, this looks so simple but delicious. Plus I love the pattern on the butter!

    15. Kelsey B. Says:

      I agree, this is one of the best simple, delicious kinds of meals out there! I love the imprint on the butter, too, very cute. I am excited to have discovered your blog!

    16. Sprouted Kitchen Says:

      Isn't that the truth. Doesn't always have to be time consuming to taste great and make your tum happy!

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