The Nasty Bits

February 3rd, 2007

So there I was pottering around in the kitchen preparing dinner the other night. A nice piece of belly pork was on the menu, lovely. I took it out of the fridge and unwrapped it then placed it in the roasting tray and started to rub it with salt. Then I saw something that stopped me dead in my tracks. Something I hadn’t encountered before and was not prepared for. There, along the belly were the nipples you sometimes see. Bear with me, this was not the part I was unprepared for. I’d come across nipples on pieces of pork belly before and, hey, I’m a grown-up, I can cope with a few animal nipples – just about. But this, this was one step too far. As I ran my eyes further along I saw, just by the nipples……..hairs. Several of them. Ewwww, this I could NOT handle. Hence a quick exit from me and a shout to Rob.

Rob offered to cut the nipples and offending hairs off and I readily agreed. I have to say I couldn’t watch though. When Rob picked up the knife and approached the meat I winced and protectively wrapped my arms around my boobs, making another sharp exit. I know, I know, I’m pathetic.

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    5 Responses to “The Nasty Bits”

    1. Rachel Says:

      That’s totally gross!

    2. Pebbles Says:

      Not pathetic at all! I would have lost it…then tossed it…
      You have made me chuckle, though. Thanks!

    3. Alanna Says:

      Oh dear! I remember having a similar reaction with frogs’ legs: who KNEW they had bones? “Well, of course legs have bones, Alanna!” But I’d missed that idea and was completely grossed out. Hope you get over it!

    4. Valentina Says:

      It is not pathetic at all.Why don’t they get rid of the hair before putting the pieces out for sale? Hair is pretty unhyginic to say the least.

    5. Ros Says:

      The idea of the nipples being approahed with a knife made me wince too, which is funny because I’ve been more than happy to pullthe guts out of a pheasant etc. I guess we ladies get sensitive about certain things!

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