The Journey of Life

May 8th, 2015

Across deserts and oceans, over snow capped mountains and through forests of tall, green trees, through marsh land and over city walls, through rain, wind, snow and sunshine, on we journey.

Life goes round and round, up and then down, inside and out, left and then right, spinning us round and then shooting us up in the air and throwing us back down. It’s an incredible journey on a winding road, twisting this way and that way, around roundabouts, up hills and then back down the other side, down dead ends and out into wide spaces.

We carry a suitcase full of hopes and dreams and collect more baggage as we travel onwards. We collect lucky charms and scars from the people that we meet. Some of them become companions, joining us on our journey, some for part of the way and some to the end.

As we travel our minds, bodies and souls grow and the blank pages of our book of life fill with the words it writes, until we come to the end of our journey and reach our final resting place. This is the journey of life.


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