The Healing Power of Soup

Healing Soup

I’m feeling under the weather with flushed cheeks and a burning throat, so this evening I wanted a bowlful of nutritious soup made with fresh vegetables to perk me up and sooth.

I heated a good glug of olive oil in a large pan and threw in half a fairly large onion, finely chopped; a crushed garlic clove; 2 carrots and a courgette, diced; and a sliced leek. I softened and lightly coloured these in the oil and then topped-up the pan with fresh chicken stock. A little chopped flat leafed parsley, sea salt and a good grinding of fresh black pepper provided final flavouring before the soup was left to simmer.

The smell alone was comforting enough and the soup itself eased my throat as it went down, making me feel just that little bit better. Home made soup should be bottled and sold alongside the paracetamol and cough mixture at the chemist.


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