Summer’s Back…For Now at Least

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After endless heavy rain and flooding I think the British public had just about given up all hope of any sunshine this summer. Shorts have been swapped for trousers, flip flops for trainers, vest tops for jumpers. All in all it’s been pretty miserable here in the UK.

Now let me be clear – I love rain. I love walking in it under a huge colourful umbrella; seeing it bounce up high as it hits the ground with force; hearing it drum on the windows as I curl up with a book, warm and dry inside. I even love summer rain, refreshing and welcoming after long, hot, dry days; feeling the raindrops on my skin, awaking my senses. But I don’t love it every damn day in the height of the summer; the rain clouds forming a permanent covering under which we must miserably go about our days wondering where all this freak weather has come from and if we’ll ever see sunshine again. I don’t love it when it causes the devastation the UK has seen in recent weeks; the homes wrecked, the lives lost.

Thankfully over the past few days we have seen a dramatic change with blazing hot sunshine. The weather seems to have realised it’s got the wrong time of year and the sun has chased the rain clouds away. For how long though, remains to be seen. If the weather forecasts are to be believed perhaps it will be a short-lived break. But for now I’m making the most of the sunshine while it’s here.


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