Spring Snow

Spring Snow 2

I’m sitting here sipping hot chocolate made with squares of dark chocolate, honey and brandy, feeling the warmth seep back into my hands as I type. I hadn’t seen the weather forecasts so I wasn’t expecting the thickly falling snow I woke up to this morning. I think I’ve told you before how snow brings out the child in me and this morning was no exception. I wanted to capture this beautiful moment in time so I took my camera and macro lens to a local park.

I thoroughly enjoyed my solitary walk, looking out from under my colourful umbrella, crunching snow underfoot, passing children making snowmen, a father and daughter having a snowball fight, a fellow photographer (with a larger lens then me, I’m rather pained to report). The scenery was wonderful under its blanket of snow. Blossom-filled trees dipping with their heavy loads, flowers in full bloom peeking out from beneath cotton wool snow; how beautiful snow is in the springtime.

Let me share with you a handful of the photographs I took. I hope you enjoy them.

Spring Snow 1

Spring Snow 3

Spring Snow 6

Spring Snow

Spring Snow 4

Spring Snow 5


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