Sausage, Red Pepper and Potato Bake

Me: ‘What shall we have for dinner tonight?”. Rob “I don’t know, what do you fancy?”. Me: “I don’t really know, how about you?”. I’m sure you recognise this conversation. Tonight was one of those nights where you either opt for takeaway or throw something together from what’s left in the fridge. Having already had takeaway this week the fridge won. It wasn’t exactly bare; there were pork sausages and minced beef sitting in there, but they left me distinctly uninspired as I wasn’t really in the mood for either. The problem was I didn’t know what I wanted but rather than either of us going out to get something different I opted for the sausages. Things seemed a little more promising when I discovered the small pot of sour cream and the red peppers in the back of the fridge and in fact the resulting dinner, this sweet and comforting bake, was really rather nice.

Sausage Red Peper and Potato Bake

Sausage, Red Pepper and Potato Bake

6 Pork sausages
5 or 6 potatoes
1 onion
1 red pepper
A small tub of sour cream (about 140ml)
Marsala (about 140ml)
Salt and pepper

1. Preheat the oven to 200c. Brown the sausages well and fry them until they’re almost, but not completely, cooked through. Remove them from the pan and cut them into bite sized pieces, then put them into an oven proof dish.

2. Halve and slice the onion and sauté it in the sausage fat until starting to colour. Next chop the pepper and add it to the pan with the onions. Cook for a few minutes more.

3. Add the marsala and allow to sizzle for a minute or so to cook off the alcohol, then add the sour cream. Stir well to mix everything together and allow to cook and bubble for a few minutes more. Season well then pour the mixture over the sausages.

5. Peel and slice the potatoes about ½ cm thick, parboil them then lay them on top of the sausages and onion mixture. Season the potatoes and drizzle over some olive oil, then put the dish into the oven for about 30-40 minutes until the potatoes are golden.


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