Romance is Dead

If the miserable August weather we’re having isn’t dampening your spirits enough here’s some cheering news: today is apparently the UK’s most unromantic day of the year.

This happy finding has been revealed to launch Accolade, a luxury new cooking appliance brand from Stoves, which is using today – the most unromantic day – to kick off a nationwide search for the UK’s most romantic recipe.

To find the date, first Accolade studied when we say “I love you” the least – analysis of web chatter for 2007 showed the fewest number of “I love yous” were expressed in the last week of August, possibly why September has the second-highest rate of divorces in the UK (January is top).

Meanwhile, Wednesdays have been pinpointed by Australian scientists as the day of the week when moods were at their lowest; whilst the post-August Bank Holiday gloom contributes to a phenomenon called ‘acute post-Bank Holiday depression syndrome’ according to UK academics. Well I can most certainly relate to that one.

If that’s not enough, personal purchases of champagne drop in August, as do ‘table for two’ restaurant bookings, while a relationship expert identified August 27 as being the peak time for arguments.

To cheer things up a bit Accolade is asking the people of the UK to send in their most romantic recipe to by 30 September. The winner receives £1,000-worth of Accolade integrated kitchen products from a range of 70 products across a wide range of sizes and specifications including ovens, hobs, hoods, coffeemakers and microwaves.

Jane Rylands, Accolade’s Marketing Services Manager, said “we’re trying to inject a bit of romance by searching for sexy food and looking to give one recipe the accolade of the UK’s most romantic. It’s the perfect excuse to combine love and food, so there’s no need to wait for Valentine’s Day!”.

The UK’s Most Unromantic Day was calculated by combining a series of factors:

1. The last week in August has the fewest references to “I love you” on the internet.

2. University of Sydney, carried out a study, on moods throughout the week found the people were at their lowest on a Wednesday.

3. Professor Cary Cooper from the University of Lancaster identifies ‘acute post-bank holiday depression syndrome’ based on the last bank holiday of the year, end of summer, little to look forward to in the way of sunshine, and forthcoming long winter nights.

4. Psychotherapist, Paula Hall suggests that August 27 is the day that most couples will argue.

5. September’s high divorce rate – Leading online divorce resource divorceonline.

6. The sales champagne take a plunge in August, according to

7. A quarter of the most watched sports overlap during the last week in August: the football season has just kicked off, while the cricket, rugby Super League and F1 racing season has not yet ended

8. announced a reduction of bookings for ‘tables for two’ in August by 11% compared to February.


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