Roast Chicken, Cheesy New Potatoes and Broad Beans

I simply adore a good roast chicken dinner and as much as it really is a dish for the colder months I couldn’t possibly go through summer without it. It really needs some adaptation for the hotter days though and whilst roast chicken salad is the obvious choice it can get repetitive. The Mediterranean-influenced chicken dish I made back in May was good for something different, as was this one I put together a few weeks ago.

Cheesy Potatoes

There’s nothing to this dish and it’s very simple, but it all goes together well and left me licking my lips long after I’d eaten it! The chicken was roasted, the broad beans were simmered, the new potatoes boiled, lightly crushed with a fork and generously sprinkled with strong, grated cheddar, then popped under the grill. Voila!

Cheesy Potatoes 1


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