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My goodness, the last time I posted here was in 2018! How the world has changed since then. Not only the big, wide world but my small little world too. I don’t really need to mention the pandemic and changes it’s caused – we all know about that and there’s no need to dwell on it here.

I made a huge life change in the September before the pandemic hit and I thanked my lucky stars all through the lockdowns that I did. I decided to move out of London and down to the south coast in East Sussex, near Rye. I was already familiar with the area, having owned a caravan and visited for 5 years or so as I often as I could. I found myself each weekend down here not wanting to go back home on the Sunday night and eventually I thought ‘why go back at all?’. And so, one day I didn’t. Well, OK, it didn’t quite happen like that but it was relatively quick; I was renting and once I’d made the decision it didn’t take too long for me to make the move. I was fortunate in that I could work from home for the London based firm I work for, and I have no children and no ties to London. Yes, many of my family and friends are still there but the drive back to South East London where I lived was just over an hour and so they are still within easy reach. It did feel like quite a big risk though, as I was relocating on my own, coming into Autumn and Winter when the coastal towns are naturally much quieter, and I didn’t know many people in the area, although I did know a few, at least. But it was a risk that paid off and it really is the best move I’ve ever made. I love my new life down by the sea and countryside. As an artist it’s one of the most inspiring places to be and I’ve found myself creating more than ever before. I’m now writing poetry (which you can read, if you’re interested, on my poetry Instagram account) as well as painting and taking photographs of the beautiful seascapes and surrounding areas.

The most important benefit of the move though has been on my wellbeing. I feel so alive living down here and, whilst I sometimes miss the hustle and bustle of London, the peace and serenity I feel here is unbeatable.

Having said all that, I’ve recently been experiencing a period of poor mental health, although there are a number of specific reasons for that – life events that have come together in something of a perfect storm. And of course living alone through the pandemic has been a major factor. But the thing with mental health is that it isn’t static. It isn’t something that just stays in any one state through our lives. It ebs and flows and responds to life, which is up and down and no smooth road. I’ve had many years of experience with poor mental health and now have many tools and techniques to help with it. I like to share them and my own experiences in order to help others and I’ll continue to do so. So you can expect to read more about my own wellbeing journey and tips and advice for your own.

I know I’ve had periods of being away and then coming back to the blog over the years but it really is good to be back writing here and communicating with you all in this way. Until my next post you can follow me on Facebook and on Instagram on my various accounts:

@a.slice.of.cherry.pie – my lifestyle page

@julia.ann.tickner – my personal page

@Julia.ann.tickner_poetry – my poetry and prose page



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