Plum and Blackberry Crumble

I love plum crumble, well I love all crumbles but plum is probably my favourite. The plums become rich and dense in their juices underneath the buttery crumble. I picked up some plums with the intention of making one, but then I saw the blackberries which looked absolutely delicious. Undecided, I picked up both for either a plum or blackberry and apple crumble.

However, the apples we had were too old to be used so I ended up throwing the plums and blackberries together. A sprinkle of vanilla sugar and some rubbing of butter, flour and sugar was all it took. 20 minutes in the oven and one of the simplest and best puddings was ready. The plums and blackberries worked fabulously together for a lovely autumn dessert. A combination I’ll definitely use again.


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