Orange and Rhubarb Jelly

Orange and Rhubarb Jelly

This was my second attempt at making this jelly. The first time the jelly set, but wasn’t firm enough, and the orange overpowered the taste of the rhubarb. I used more gelatine this time, which gave a better consistency, and less orange juice and no zest, so the flavours were more balanced.

Even though I only used the juice from the rhubarb there was no waste as I used the pulp for a deliciously naughty rhubarb fool!

Rhubarb Fool

Orange and Rhubarb Jelly

500g rhubarb
Juice of half an orange orange
Approximately 150g caster sugar
3 Gelatine leaves
50ml of Cointreau

1. Chop the rhubarb into equal sizes and add to a pan along with the sugar and orange juice. Cook over a low heat for about 20 minutes, until the rhubarb is soft and has released its juices.

2. Take off the heat and strain it through a sieve. Once it’s strained stir in the Cointreau and then taste the mixture – you may want to add more sugar, Cointreau or orange juice.

3. Soak the gelatine leaves in water for a few minutes then add them to the rhubarb liquid and stir to dissolve.

4. Pour the liquid into glasses or jelly moulds and allow to cool before putting into the fridge to set.

Look out for February’s ‘In the Bag’ round-up next week, for lots more rhubarb and orange recipes.


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