Nice Matters


I’ve had a funny sort of a week, very much a roller coaster ride with big ups and big downs. There have been surprises, disappointments, moments of doubt and glimmers of hope. My cart was travelling down another dip today when I discovered that the lovely Antonia from Food Glorious Food had chosen me for the Nice Matters award, due to my work on the UK Food Bloggers Association and ‘A Slice of Cherry Pie’ discussion forums. Sometimes a lovely gesture comes just at the right time, when you need it the most, and this is one of those times. Thank you so much Antonia, I’m truly touched.

I hope I can make someone else’s day now by nominating a few bloggers myself. I’m not sure how many I’m allowed to choose but I’d nominate you all if I could – isn’t the food blogging community fantastic? But as I can’t choose everyone I’d like to use this opportunity to thank some key members of the forums for their input, which makes the forums such a great place to hang out and helps them to attract new visitors and grow. So Pixie, A Forkful of Spaghetti, Nilmandra, Andy, Holler, Wendy and Kai I nominate you all. And thank you also to every other member of the forums and also the members of the UK Bloggers Association – it’s you that makes them so very worthwhile.


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