Mushroom and Savoy Cabbage Pasta

Mushroom and Savoy Cabbage Pasta

It was one of those ‘what shall I have for lunch, the cupboard is bare?’ days. A pasta day, in other words.

Fortunately the cupboard, or rather, the fridge, wasn’t entirely bare and I did manage to put the field mushrooms, half a savoy cabbage and half a small tub of sour cream sitting in there to good use.

Onto the hob went a pan of salted water for the pasta and then I turned to making the sauce. I finely chopped a shallot and sautéed it in a knob of butter and olive oil with a sliced garlic clove, then chopped the mushrooms and added them. When they were about half cooked I sliced some of the cabbage leaves and added them to the pan. Next I stirred in the sour cream and a dash of the pasta water, and simmered it until the sauce was a good consistency. A grinding of black pepper and sprinkle of sea salt finished it off nicely.

Despite the rather dreary grey colour the mushrooms turned the sauce, it was really rather good!


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