June 21st, 2009

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    5 Responses to “Morning”

    1. Kadeeae Says:

      Very, very 'artsy' indeed 🙂

      But, was that, say it isn't so!, instant coffee?? Must be that the real coffee machine is broken. Yes, yes I'm sure that's it. lol

    2. Julia Says:

      Haha, I KNEW you guys were going to pick up on that 🙂 Yes, I admit it, my name's Julia and I drink instant coffee, lol.

    3. kittycat Says:

      Really nice video … nothing wrong with instant coffee – I like mine with some cinnamon dusted over it … but was that vanilla in your sugarglas? Looks like a tasty idea … mmh, I think I'll make me some coffee …
      Have a nice sunday

    4. Kadeeae Says:

      Here to support you, the first step in recovery (towards buying a decent coffee machine) is admitting you have a problem.

      Well done, Julia!


    5. Hilary Says:

      Hehe I had the same reaction. Instant coffee for an esteemed foodie like yourself?!?!?!?!

      I think we'll forgive you – very sweet video.

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