Messing about in Boats (and on bikes and in Parks)

Messing about in Boats 2

We’ve been so fortunate with the weather here in the UK; it was gloriously hot all weekend long in Kent. We certainly made the most of it and did the typical Brit thing of dragging out the barbecue (or in our case buying a new one) as soon as the sun comes out. In fact we had a barbecue two nights in a row – well hell, it’s not often you get such great barbecue weather here in good old Blighty and even rarer to get it over an entire weekend.

Saturday was spent pottering around, doing washing, mowing the lawn and sitting out in the garden, and I planted up some herbs in pots. Let’s hope I don’t kill them like I do every other plant that has the misfortune to be owned by me. I think these herbs stand more of a chance though as I’m going to be able to get some good, and well needed, advice over on my forums. We’ve now got a forum dedicated to growing your own produce; ‘The Veg Patch’, which is great. Hopefully this will mean that my herbs last me throughout the summer and perhaps even beyond.

Herbs 1

Herbs 2



On Sunday we were invited out on a trip on my Brother and Sister-in law’s new boat. We had a lovely morning sailing in the River Medway and we got to spend time with our baby niece which was just wonderful. Next we headed back towards home to visit my cousin, his wife and their little girl, our gorgeous God Daughter. We all rode our bikes to a local park where we sat down with ice lollies and then we headed to the swing park. I’m not sure who had more fun, our God daughter or me! I went up (and down) the slide with her, bounced on the sea saw with my cousin’s wife (yes we are both over 30!) and had a go on the swings (I should add at this point that we were alone in the park so not depriving any other children or making a spectacle of ourselves in front of anybody but us!). I hadn’t done that in years and it brought me right back to my childhood. It was one of those days that make you feel warm and smiley inside. Just spending time with loved ones and enjoying the great outdoors on a beautiful day. That’s what memories are made of.


Messing about in Boats 4

Messing about in Boats 1


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