Man-Size Steak

It feels chilly tonight and I’m tired. Thankfully Rob cooked – rump steak. Thick, juicy, red meat was just what I needed and I didn’t even have to cook it, so I could put my feet up with a cup of coffee and a book. Perfect.

Rob cooks a damn fine steak so he’s usually the one behind the griddle pan. He’s also usually the one to buy the steak from the butchers. I think he likes being in charge of the steak buying and cooking, I guess the hunter-gatherer instincts kick in. He proudly comes home with a huge slab of meat saying ‘look at the size of that’. It must be a man thing.

A few tips for cooking steak:

  • Use a griddle pan
  • Get your pan HOT, as hot as you can, before putting the steak in
  • Oil the steak, not the pan, otherwise it will smoke your kitchen out
  • Once the steak is in the pan don’t move it until you’re ready to turn it
  • Leave it to rest before serving.


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