Making the Most of a Lazy Spring Sunday


Bluebells in my garden

Ahh…this is the life. I’m writing to you from the bench in my garden with the sun gloriously shining down on me. The washing is blowing in the breeze on the line and I have a pile of cook books and a glass of cava next to me. It feels like mid-June rather than April and I’m enjoying every minute of it because who knows when the unpredictable British weather may change?

I have a busy week ahead of me, meetings at work, cocktails with colleagues after work, meeting friends old and new outside of work (which you’ll hear more about later in the week), and to round things off a hen day and night on Saturday. I’ll need good organisation for my meals this week, to make sure I don’t skip them or just eat junk. I think a few hearty lunches will be in order to prepare me for the evenings out.

There are the usual takeaway lunch offerings near where I work and although the selection is good they can become a little tiring. I’m very lucky to be able to work from home a few days a week so I can make myself luch at home. For the days that I am in the office I really need to start making me own lunch to bring into work with me again. We have a fridge to keep food fresh and I have plenty of time in the evenings or even the mornings to prepare a lunch so there’s really no excuse for not doing so.

There are so many benefits of bringing in your own lunch in, to name but a few it’s so much cheaper than the often extortionate London prices; you can use what you have at home including leftovers; you can make something you really want to eat; you know what’s gone into your lunch and where the produce has come from. I also quite like the idea of bringing a little piece of home into the office; home cooked food has to be better than anything even the best of food shops can offer.

The options are endless; pasta salads, cous cous or rice speckled with roasted vegetables or meat from last nights dinner, herbs from the garden, lemon or lime juice; soups; homemade fruit salads with fresh, exotic fruits at half the price; quiche, tarts, hummus with vegetables to dip; thick sandwiches or wraps; and so it goes on.

I’m sure you have plenty of ideas for your own lunches; perhaps you’d like to share them?


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