Love Food Hate Waste: Sausage and Chicken Risotto

Sausage and Chicken Risotto

Following my post about the Love Food, Hate Waste campaign I’ve been making good use of leftovers and those vegetables at the back of the fridge over the last few weeks. But I must admit I haven’t been good all the time and there have been a couple of occasions when I’ve been very annoyed with myself because I’ve had to throw stuff out. My problem is over-buying and it’s a hard habit to get out of, but Rob and I are both more determined than ever to cut down on our waste. We have, however, been very good with our recycling I’m pleased to report. All our food waste is now going into compost recycling bins which is great.

I cooked a chicken yesterday so of course risotto was the thing for tonight. I pulled all the meat off the chicken then made a stock. Rob, feeling rather hungry I think, suggested we use some of the sausages in the fridge in the risotto. Sausage and chicken risotto is a first on me but the more I thought about it the more I thought it was a great idea. The herbs in my garden have really taken off (must be all the rain and sunshine we’ve had) and the leaves on the sage plant have got really big, so they were perfect to go into the risotto with the sausages and chicken.


The risotto was simple enough; half a chopped onion, rice, a slosh of vermouth, the chicken stock, 2 finely chopped sage leaves, the leftover chicken thrown in halfway through and heated well, sausages cooked slowly in a separate pan and then cut into bite sized pieces and thrown in, salt and pepper then a handful of chopped parsley at the end. And delicious it was too!


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