Lazy Days

June 28th, 2009

Join me on You Tube.

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    12 Responses to “Lazy Days”

    1. anissa Says:

      very nice.

    2. Dom Says:

      I absolutely love this!

    3. Lauren Says:

      Wow looks just like my Sundays, already had a v brief nap on sofa. Love the music and the old video effect!

    4. Chris Says:

      This was lovely! Perfect thing to watch on a Sun. AM.

    5. kittycat Says:

      Really nice video!

      …and I love the painting …

      >> Flowers are the stars of daytime<< … don't remember who said this but I think it fits here …

    6. L Vanel Says:

      I love your video, Julia. Great to watch.

    7. Monica Says:

      The video is very sweet. Your last post: I wish I could have been one of the judges at the cocktail competition!

    8. Monica Says:

      Oh, and I've become a follower!

    9. Julia Says:

      I'm so pleased you all liked it 🙂

      Kittycat – that's lovely

      Lucy – great to hear from you, yours is still one of my favourite blogs.

      Monica – thanks for the follow x

    10. ~~louise~~ Says:

      Hi Julia,
      Just stopped in to say hi although, I'm not quite sure how I got here:) Ah the goodness of the internet leading me to your door.

      I'll drop by another day to see what's cooking…today is Independence Day here in the states and I have places to go and food to eat!!! Bookmarked!!!

    11. BeadBag Says:

      the music and video are lovely.

    12. Marina Says:

      Julia, this video is soooo beautiful 🙂
      You look like a lady from the time of kings 🙂
      I bought this book in the video (Apples for Jam) in a very nice place in Sweden (Tarnaby), so it brings me nice memories 🙂


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