Kew Gardens (Part 2)

May 9th, 2010

Some more photos of Kew Gardens for you.







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    6 Responses to “Kew Gardens (Part 2)”

    1. Alex Says:

      Oh it's stunning! I love visiting Kew…

    2. Suzler Says:

      Beautiful shots! I think the first one is my favourite.

    3. Arlette Says:

      what a beautiful photos…
      nice plants… I am so eager for a nice sunny weather..

    4. Salty Mom Says:

      Very nice thanks for sharing looks like a beautiful day

    5. Teresa Says:

      I can't get over how beautifully detaled is that picture of the Cactus (L)
      Well done, Julia and thank you so much for sharing.
      Hope you had a very good time there.

    6. Choclette Says:

      Beautifully spiky – great photos

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