In the Bag Detox Special: The Round-up

February 11th, 2009

Last month for our ‘In the Bag’ event we had a special detoxifying bag containing healthy carrots, celery and beetroot and here’s what you cooked up (click on each picture to go to the blog and recipe):

Yum in TumSimpliciousReal Epicurean
R KhooksOlga's recipesOccasional Martha
My cooking hutJoelen's CulinaryGato Azul
eCurryDK's Culinary BazaarCoco Bean


Yum in Tum


Real Epicurean

R Khooks

Ogla’s Recipes

Occasional Martha

My Cooking Hut

Joelen’s Culinary

Gato Azul


DK’s Culinary Bazaar

Coco Bean

Thanks to everyone who entered!

‘In the Bag’ is a monthly food event run by Julia from A Slice of Cherry Pie and Scott at Real Epicurean

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    5 Responses to “In the Bag Detox Special: The Round-up”

    1. DK Says:

      Thanks for the roundup as well as the theme Julia. The pics look amazing.:)

    2. Scott at Real Epicurean Says:

      A great roundup to a great food blogging event. Well done to everyone who contributed – some great recipes!

    3. Coco Bean Says:

      I submited an entry and it is not shown. Was I late?

    4. Julia Says:

      Coco, I’m so sorry, I don’t seem to have received it. Please send it to me again and I’ll add it right away!

    5. Malar Gandhi Says:

      First time here…your blog looks so neat. You have also got lots of interesting recipes…

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