In Praise of the Sausage


A really good sausage, full of quality meat and nothing much else apart from some herbs and seasoning, will shame the socks off of those unappetising and depressing specimens found far too often in the supermarkets. Do buy from a butcher if you can – he’ll see you right.

Quality sausages need very little to make for a satisfying meal. You can of course go with the classics – put them between two slices of buttered bread and squeeze over some tomato or brown sauce for anytime-of-the-day gastro satisfaction, or for the ultimate in sausage-based comfort food place the sausages on creamy mashed potato and drown them in roasted onion gravy. But just as good is a simple green, herby salad.

I like to cook my sausages slowly in a pan over a fairly low flame, so that they become sticky and succulent, and I don’t prick the skins – the only purpose this serves is in allowing all the juices to escape thus leaving the sausages dry. Pricking the skins no doubt comes from a fear of the sausages exploding but I’ve yet to see that happen so I really don’t believe it’s necessary.

The only problem I have with the slow cooking of the sausages is the impatience I have for them to cook, the smell and the sound of the sizzle is a delicious torture. But, as with all good things in life, they are worth waiting for.


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  1. Aaron
    November 18, 2010 / 6:11 pm

    I have fallen head over heels with your cooking styles ms. You are, aside from, a master chef touched by the good graces of God, a total sex goddess too! Why could I not have been the lucky man to have put a ring on your finger?!!? I am totally depressed now knowing that the chance of catching sight of your festive dinner table, which I am sure would be a feast for one’s eyes as well as the palate, would be slim indeed.

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