Hyde Park in the Sunshine

March 29th, 2009

Hyde Park in the Sunshine

Hyde Park in the Sunshine 7

Hyde Park in the Sunshine 5

Hyde Park in the Sunshine 6

Hyde Park in the Sunshine 2

Hyde Park in the Sunshine 9

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    9 Responses to “Hyde Park in the Sunshine”

    1. Lou Says:

      Gorgeous! I am so jealous as we head into winter down under.

    2. The Mrs. Says:

      Such beautiful photos!

    3. Jennifer Says:

      I wish I knew of you when I was out there last March–would have been great to meet up in the park

    4. Vinita Says:

      For a long time, my husband and myself have wanted to just take a break and jaunt to a nice place with a lovely natural setting. The moment I stumbled upon your blog, I feel that I should plan out something right away. lovely pictures !

    5. petoskystone Says:

      buds & blooms! yea-spring is here! (along with the odd tornado in the states).

    6. recipes2share Says:

      What beautiful photographs, Julia!

    7. Joanne Says:

      Makes me wish I were there. Love walking through Hyde Park.

    8. Melanie Says:

      Very beautiful photos!

    9. Warren Edwardes Says:

      Gosh what time were you at the fountain Julia?

      I walked past on my way to Mayfair at 11:45 on Sunday.


      Warren Edwardes
      Hyde Park Wines

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