Here Comes the Sun

July 18th, 2009




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    8 Responses to “Here Comes the Sun”

    1. Chow and Chatter Says:


    2. Jacqueline Says:

      Grogeous sunflowers Julia! Such a happy plant. Are they from your garden?

    3. Julia Says:

      I know, they're gorgeous, aren't they? They're not from my garden, I picked them up from a Tescos garage for £5 believe it or not.

    4. s. stockwell Says:

      Litttle Darlin, it's been a long cold…happy summer! love these pics…best, s

    5. Kelsey B. Says:

      Gorgeous! Makes me want to head straight to the countryside!

    6. Coffee and Vanilla Says:

      What a beautiful sunflowers! 🙂

    7. Chelsea Talks Smack Says:

      sunflowers jsut make me SMILE.

    8. comfycook Says:

      I love the photos and the flowers. I feel like I have been given a treat.

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