Happiness Is…Colour Coordinated Cookbook Shelves

November 20th, 2011

Colour Bookshelves

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    9 Responses to “Happiness Is…Colour Coordinated Cookbook Shelves”

    1. Kavey Says:

      Ha, another friend has done exactly the same with her cookery books… result looks very similar, I admire it each and every time I visit… looks FAB! If only I could be even 10% as organised as this!

    2. shaheen Says:

      That makes me smile. Maybe I’ll have a go too, when I move home.

    3. James B Says:

      How long did that take you? I recently put all of mine into author order, and it took ages as I looked through EVERY one as I did it! I really like the effect of seeing those in colour order. A rainbow on your bookshelf!

    4. Cakefairyblog Says:

      I love this, it’s so me. Wish I had time to colour code by books, it looks great!

    5. Tori @ eatori Says:

      That’s a Peter Pan Happy Place- right there. Adore it.

    6. Anne Cater Says:

      Hi Julia

      There is a blogger award for you – waiting to be collected at my blog


      Best wishes
      Anne x

    7. Lemon Says:

      Yes, everybody has it’s own way of getting things in order and finding things. The colour-system has a positive plus – it looks great!

    8. Rachel Says:

      Love it. Cheers me up just looking at it. If you like colour check out the significant colour blog by an artist friend of mine who’s also a foodie. http://significantcolour.wordpress.com/

    9. Bailey Ana Says:

      Love this because you have so many books & you are so organised… If only I was halfway as sorted!


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