Grilling in the Sunshine


Hey the sun’s out – party time!

Clear blue skies and bright sunshine on a weekend call for lighting the barbeque, marinating the meat and chilling the beers. Petrol stations stock up on charcoal, shop shelves clear of sausages, burger buns and salads, and that distinct smell of char-grilling comes from gardens all over the country. We go crazy for barbeques in this country because when the weather is good you have to seize the moment – before the skies cloud over and rain comes – they’re relaxed, they’re fun, they’re a great way of cooking for friends, and the food tastes so damn good!


Rob and I make a good team when it comes to barbeques. Like many men, he’s in his element when it comes to setting the charcoal alight and throwing on the meat. He’s quite happy at his post manning the grilling station with a beer in the hand whilst I happily marinade, chop and assemble salads. We have fat sausages from the butcher, marinated chicken, beef burgers or sometimes lemony chicken breast burgers, wedged into burger buns or ciabatta rolls, sometimes sticky ribs, sometimes chargrilled fish with salad.


Today has been beautiful and I’ve spent most of it in the garden in my shorts. The barbeque came out just for us this afternoon but it was so worth it. Cooking and eating in the garden together was relaxed and fun. I see many more days like this coming over the summer.



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