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It’s been one of those weekends I love so much. You know the ones. The lazy, slow, pottering ones. Rob was working on Saturday and I had a bit of a lie in, missing the postman. There on my doorstep was a little red calling card telling me there was a parcel at the sorting office for me. Ooh fabulous, it was my Amazon order which I wasn’t expecting until Monday at the earliest! My weekend had just got even better. Because there in that box was a selection of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe films. One girlie Saturday coming up for me! So in between filling the washing machine, hanging the washing out on the line, and ironing my pyjamas I watched those Hollywood legends while dreams of a bygone era enveloped me.

Marilyn Monroe
(Picture from “The Seven Year Itch”, 20th Century Fox)

I managed to tear myself away from the screen long enough to prepare our dinner, which consisted of succulent little lamb chops with roasted vegetables; courgettes, red peppers and new potatoes. Of course I should have remembered to put the courgettes in towards the end rather than at the beginning, because they are softer and take much less time, but I didn’t, so they ended up rather mushy in the middle. How appetising. The Hollywood mist was still in my head. It was time to give in to it completely and put on a face mask and open a box of chocolates.

Roast Vegetables

This afternoon we attended our beautiful God Daughter’s first birthday party where we were treated to a barbecue and cake. I told her I’d bake little cakes with her when she’s older. Perhaps I’ll be a fairy God Mother. Yes, I think I’d like that very much indeed.

Birthday Candle

Back home there was some dusting and tidying to be done before I could sink into a hot bath full of bubbles and my little rubber duck. Well, some things you never grow out of.


And now, slipping between the covers of my bed with honey-sweetened hot chocolate, a book, and my laptop to write to you on, the weekend draws to a close. Ahh….sweet dreams.

Hot Chocolate and a Book


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