Frozen in Time

January 14th, 2010

Snow Day 12

Snow Day 13

Snow Day 10

Snow Day 5

Snow Day 6

Snow Day 3

Snow Day 9

Britain under a blanket of snow and ice. Photographs taken on Sunday 10th January 2010.

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    11 Responses to “Frozen in Time”

    1. Sari Says:

      Beautiful pictures. I love snowy winter.

    2. Teresa Says:

      Despite all the boredsome and even danger of such a Snowy Weather one can't prevent feeling awed by the great scenario that Nature returns.
      Great Pics, Julia.
      Thank you for sharing!
      Teresa x

    3. The Muse Says:


    4. Luigi Says:

      Essentially what a winter should look like. Unlike the mild rubbish we have had the past few decades. Long may proper seasons continue.
      (thinking of summer).


    5. AppleC Says:

      The best part about the snow and the cold, is coming inside to a nice warm fire and hot cup of tea.

    6. Lexi Says:

      Gorgeous pics – it's posts like these that made me award you the Happy 101 blog award – please pop by my blog if you are interested.

    7. James B Says:

      Hey Julia – what lovely photos.

    8. DesertHen Says:

      Looks down right cold! Thanks for sharing the view from your side of the world!

    9. Alex Says:

      Oh wow… such a shame it's all gone now (or at least, where I am!)

    10. Country Style Living Says:

      Lovely blog, I shall defintitely revisit. Great photos.

    11. Jennifer Says:

      Such lovely photos!

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