Fantastic Four

Having been tagged by not one, but three bloggers, for this meme I felt I really couldn’t refuse. Thanks to Kat at Something Yum…., Jules from Domestic Goddess in Training and Hannah of Hannah’s Country Kitchen.

4 jobs I have had in my life

Well I’ve had 4 different jobs within the IT industry. I started life in IT in a Product Marketing department, assisting the Product Managers with administration tasks such as database maintenance and producing Unix quotes for customers. From there I moved into Lotus Notes software development and progressed from there to become an Application Development Manager. I’m now an IT Project Manager involved in all sorts of things such as office moves, web development projects and telephony migrations.

4 Places I have lived

This is rather boring really as I’ve always lived in London or Kent. There have been several moves around Kent and I’m quite close to London at the moment. Rob and I have a dream of moving much further out at some point, but at the moment the London commute doesn’t really allow for that.

4 places I have been on holiday

Hawaii. Exploring these stunning islands was an amazing experience. I hiked up to the top of the famous volcanic crater, Diamond Head, on Oahu, took a helicopter tour of the live volcanoes spilling lava into the sea on Big Island, and saw lush vegetation and waterfalls on Kauai.

Mauritius. This was my honeymoon destination and it was simply dreamy. Oh, and the Green Island rum is to die for.

Cyprus. Rob and I soaked up the sun on this Mediterranean island the year we met.

The Bahamas. If I close my eyes I can almost feel the hot, white sand between my toes. Ahhh.

4 of my favourite foods

How to choose, how to choose? Um…ok, let’s think about this.

Well I’ve got to have roast chicken top of the list. It’s not just the taste that I love but also everything I associate with a roast chicken. The happy preparation of the bird for Sunday lunch, the heavenly smell of it roasting in the oven, the family around the table, the slowly simmering stock made from the bones.

Seafood. I adore seafood and nothing is likely to make my eyes pop more than a platter of fresh king prawns, lobster and crab with mayonnaise and lemon slices on the side. I have to move on now, I’m drooling over the keyboard.

Pasta. Give me a huge plate of spaghetti or linguini coated in sauce, a hunk of parmesan cheese and a grater and I will be very happy indeed.

Cold meats. Rare roast beef, glazed ham, roast chicken, all fantastic as they are, but add creamy coleslaw and pickled onions and you have a feast. In some ways I think I look forward to the cold meats at Christmas time more than the main culinary event itself.

Four places I would rather be right now

On a sun-drenched beach.

Reading a book whilst lying in a hammock in a garden full of summer flowers.

Having a picnic in a meadow.

Snowed-in in a log cabin with a blazing fire and enough good food and drink to last for days.

Now, who to tag? Who hasn’t done this yet? I hope I’m safe with:

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