Easter Cake Bake 2011 – The Round-up

May 16th, 2011

Each Easter I look forward to seeing your cakes as much as I look forward to the chocolate eggs. You never fail to amaze me with how creative you all are. My mouth waters as I look at all your entries. I think next year I should include a taste test, with me as judge!

But this year, you are the judge. All you need to do is look over these gorgeous cakes, choose your favourite and leave me a comment below letting me know which it is. Click on the photo to go to the blog. Please include the number and blog name in your comment. At the end of the week I’ll close the vote and announce the winner. So, deadline: 22nd May. Thanks so much to everyone who entered and good luck!

1. Yummie Mummie

Yummie Mummie

2. Vino Luci

Vino Luci

3. The Goddess’s Kitchen

The Goddess' Kitchen

4. Random Thoughts Do or “Di”

Random Thoughts

5. Mele Cotte


6. Little Bear Cakery

Little Bear Cakery

7. Kates Cakes and Bakes

Kates Cakes and Bakes

8. Jaynerly


9. I Got Sun in the Morning

I Got Sun in the Morning

10. Fabulicious Food

Fabulicious Food

11. Book the Cook

David Hall

12. Chocolate Log Blog

Chocolate Log Blog

13. Cake, Crumbs and Cooking

Cake, Crumbs and Cooking

14. Butcher Baker

Butcher Baker

15. Back to the Chopping Board

Back to the Chopping Board 1

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    50 Responses to “Easter Cake Bake 2011 – The Round-up”

    1. jonquil Says:

      random thoughts..do or di #4

    2. Sandra Says:

      random thoughts..do or di

    3. diane stanley Says:

      is it bold to vote for my own?
      #4 Random Thoughts…do or di

    4. Geri Says:

      4. Random Thoughts Do or “Di”

    5. andrea Says:

      random thoughts..do or di #4

    6. Kyle Says:

      random thoughts do or “di”. You can’t beat the Easter colors and happy feeling that comes when you see this cake. Wow.

    7. Julia Says:

      #4 for sure – random thoughts do or di.

    8. Cindy Lou Says:

      random thoughts do or di

    9. sean michael Says:

      #4 random thought!! yum!!

    10. Chris Cush Says:

      I have to agree, #4 is definitely doing it for me. Random Thoughts… do or “di”

    11. Linda Says:

      I vote for #4!! it’s my favorite!

    12. Michael Says:

      Random Thoughts Do or “Di”

    13. paul stanley Says:

      #4 random thoughts do or di

    14. Jillsy Girl Says:

      #4…Random thoughts..do or di. love the pastel layers and topping!

    15. Cameron Says:

      I love #4…the pretty confetti…the 3 colored layers! It’s a party on a plate 🙂

    16. Kate S. Says:

      #4: random thoughts…do or di

    17. cheryle acuna Says:

      random thoughts..do or di love this cake

    18. Jen Says:

      #5: 6. Little Bear Cakery – YUMMY!!

    19. Blanka Says:

      There is no mistake! No. 4 !!!

    20. Rosie H Says:

      #5 Mele Cotte – though #10 Fabulicious Food runs it close. Sorry #4, I can’t see whatever it is everyone else does – I prefer my cakes in more natural colours!

    21. Annabella Says:

      #4 Random Thoughts Do or `Di`

    22. Maria Says:

      Another vote for No 4!!!!


    23. GaGa Keele Says:

      i voted…good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    24. Katie Says:

      No 6, Little Bear Cakery – definite winner.

    25. Lucie wilby Says:

      Yummie mummie! Great fun 🙂

    26. James Brewer Says:

      Ohhh, decisions – they all look great. I’m going for…… #4 random thoughts…do or di.

      Well done people!

    27. Danielle Says:

      Number 4 is my pick!

    28. Rick Gozur Says:

      #4 random thoughts …do or di

    29. Clare Says:

      #12 Chocolate Log Blog. Love crystallised flowers on Spring cakes. So pretty 🙂

    30. Gill Says:

      #4 random thoughts … do or di

    31. Brent Says:

      #4 Do or “di” and she did.

    32. Ren Behan - Fabulicious Food! Says:

      Looks like “Do or Di” is winning here!! Thank you to Rosie who liked my cupcakes! I’m voting for “Do or Di” too, as Diane has Polish heritige and so do I! I loved her whole Easter spread :-))

    33. Michi from Vienna Says:

      I vote for: #4 random thoughts do or di

      I love this cake!!!!

    34. Debbie Clendon Says:

      My little girl who is 7 and I love no 6 Little Bear Cakery. The only troublesome question my daughter has does the Easter Bunny lay the eggs!!!!

    35. lorraine lewis Says:

      do or di #4 🙂

    36. Sarah Hodges Says:

      Little Bear cakery

    37. Phil in the Kitchen Says:

      These all look great but I’m voting for a simple but irresistible sponge – #15 Back to the Chopping Board

    38. Pam Low Says:

      #4 Looks fabulous in every way.

    39. Jenny Says:

      #4 “Do or Di” I Love the cake and the beautiful colors!

    40. Jennifer Says:

      #4 Random Thoughts Do or Di. Looks yummy!

    41. Michele Alberto Says:

      #4 “Do or Di” has my vote!

    42. Mo Says:


      Not a blogger, but hope I can vote,, love reading your blog (and cookbook) – I agree with the last vote: No:15 Back to the Chopping Board, you can’t beat (no pun intended) a great sponge.

    43. Leslie Says:

      Hands down, #4 Random thoughts Do or di. Only cake I’ve ever seen that looks even prettier after being sliced! Love the colors.

    44. Choclette Says:

      This is a great round up and all the cakes look lovely. I’ve voted for #8 as this looks lovely and resembles a nest really well.

    45. Kat Shaw Says:

      #4 Random Thoughts Do or “Di”

    46. Patty Meyers Says:

      My vote is for #4 Random Thoughts Do Or Di. What a beautiful cake 🙂

    47. molly Says:

      #4 random thoughts…

    48. Jayne Says:

      My vote is for #15 Thank you to Choclette for voting for my cake, with such competition it made my day to get a vote!

    49. debi Says:

      I vote #4 random thoughts

    50. Teresa Says:

      #15 for me.

      Fresh, Sweet and with nothing to distract from the real Star – The Cake!

      And baked by a guy, it doesn’t get much better, does it?! 😉

      Lovely Submissions!!!!