Easter Cake Bake 2010 – The Round Up

April 21st, 2010

Once again a fabulous collection of Easter cakes have been entered into the competition, and once again I just can’t choose a winner! So I’m handing over to you to vote for your favourite.

To vote, simply select the entry you like the best from the list in the left-hand side bar, and I’ll announce the winner in a week’s time.

Thank you to everyone who entered; all of the cakes really are fantastic!

1. Chocolate Log Blog

Chocolate Log Blog

2. We Love Homemade Produce

We Love Homemade Produce

3. Serenely Full

Serenely Full

4. The Variable – Crazy Over Desserts

The Variable

5. Kitchen Delights

Kitchen Delights

6. Jo’s Kitchen

Jo's Kitchen

7. Chocolate Teapot

Chocolate Teapot

8. Cooking at Marystow

Cooking at Marystow

9. Miss Catherine O

Miss Catherine O

10. Melecotte


11. Anne’s Kitchen

Anne's Kitchen

12. Cake, Crumbs and Cooking

Cake, Crumbs and Cooking

13. Back to the Chopping Board

Back to the Chopping Board

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    14 Responses to “Easter Cake Bake 2010 – The Round Up”

    1. Jacqueline Says:

      Nice roundup! I'll have a small slice of each please. OK, since you twisted my arm, I committed to just one and voted. Now I will leave quickly before I change my mind 🙂

    2. James B Says:

      Wow – these are a bunch of great cakes. Well done everyone, they all look immense.

      Thanks Julia for organising another fun event.

    3. Teresa Says:

      Oh my!
      I understand why you couldn't 😉 decide alone.
      My choice was pretty easy as I start eating with the eyes and they made the decision instantly.
      Great Job everyone!

    4. Choclette Says:

      These all look wonderful – so hard to make a decision!

    5. Nachiketa Says:

      What a wonderful round up…

      Such lovely cakes…

      Wanna eat them all…

      The Variable, Crazy Over Desserts – Nachiketa
      Catch me on facebook @ Crazy Over Desserts

    6. Anne Says:

      Mmm a delicious round-up Julia!

    7. Little Moments Like That Says:

      I'm new to this whole little world of blogging! It's so neat to stumble upon a new page and see that everyone has a little story to tell!

      LOVE all of the cake in the roundup! They ALL look so incredible!!!

      Thanks for sharing!

    8. igrewthistoo Says:

      All of the cakes look so tempting…. I have just discovered this blog and it is fantastic. Like you all I am an avid foodie, I love to cook and eat and, more recently blog about it.

      This blog is an excellent find….

    9. Emma Bearman Says:

      No 2 Looks Rococco! Yum Yum

    10. Chris Says:

      My apologies for just getting over to see this….GREAT round up! so many fun cakes. 😉 Thanks for going it again this year.

    11. advance web Says:

      Well. It's really hard to make a decision since all of these cakes have their own unique style. I think i'll just eat them all and tell you what I like. LOL

    12. Melange a Trois Says:

      These are adorable. Great idea!

    13. Alex Says:

      I couldn't decide either! I'd need to taste them before I make up my mind…

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