Cooking Gorgeous Giveaway!

June 1st, 2011


I’ve teamed up with to offer you the chance to win a beautiful apron. All you need to do to is leave me a comment in this post by Friday 10th June. The winner (who will be picked at random) will receive one Mini Pinny OR Bottom Line apron of their choice. Competition open to UK residents only. is also offering ‘A Slice of Cherry Pie’ readers 10% discount on all orders placed by 30th June. Simply quote the discount code in the box below. Discount code valid for all orders including those shipping internationally.

Good luck with the competition and happy cooking!


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    30 Responses to “Cooking Gorgeous Giveaway!”

    1. Mikki Says:

      great aprons! hope I’m lucky for a change!

    2. Jane Staunton Says:

      yes please I want to win one fab pinny!!! Yum Yum

    3. Chocoralie Says:

      Wonderful and delicious blog Julia, bravo!

    4. Catherine Says:

      I’d love to win one of these aprons – there is nothing like wearing a proper apron or pinny when you bake!

    5. Clare Says:

      I could definitely do with a new apron!

    6. Ingrid Says:

      Wonderful apron! I already have your book.

    7. Kate Says:

      What a grown up apron!

    8. Gill Says:

      Great pinny!
      Count me in please!

    9. Kylie Says:

      I love the aprons, very cool!

      Love your blog, great recipes and so well written

    10. Jo Romero Says:

      WOW! Lovely apron, could do with this to make me feel more glamorous in the kitchen!

    11. clive coombs Says:

      I woould love to win one of these aprons/pinnies for my wife – so that she could keep herself pristine in the kitchen whilst watching me cook her dinner and doing the washing up.

    12. Cath Says:

      So glad to see that aprons are getting beautiful again, I’ve been wearing an old one of my Granny’s for ages because it’s so much prettier than anything else I’ve seen. Until now, that is…

    13. Jules Says:

      You can’t beat a pretty pinny.

    14. Corina Says:

      You can never have enough aprons!

    15. Novella Says:

      Too bad it’s only open to the UK. I always cook with an apron-I’m a messy cook!! It looks lovely, good luck! I hope you get a lot of entries!!

    16. Purely food Says:

      I’d love to win one of those aprons. I love a stylish apron.

    17. peggy Says:

      So cute

    18. Janice Says:

      ooh I could do with a new pinny, mine is an old one that my mum bought from the RSC,it has the three witches on it, stirring up a brew! These ones look much more stylish.

    19. Heavenly Housewife Says:

      Hey those are cute, count me in 😀
      *kisses* HH

    20. erin Says:

      so fun!!

    21. Wenna Says:

      Wow.. These pinny’s are lovely. Could really do with one as getting fed up of washing floury jeans and tomato splattered tops 🙂

    22. Jo Says:

      They look lovely 🙂

    23. aoife@myhome Says:

      How I would love to wear one of those lovely aprons at my secret dinner events!

    24. Rickylicious Says:

      Wow …. the apron is Cookinggorgeous!

    25. Fiona Says:

      Absolutely gorgeous pinny, would love to own one 🙂

    26. Jan Says:

      Love the apron. Would love to win.

    27. Henny Flynn Says:

      So lovely to read all these comments – delighted that you like our aprons. They are all beautifully made in England and I’m sure you will look Cooking Gorgeous in them! Good luck to everyone who’s entered!

    28. James Says:

      I hope I win

    29. Lola Says:

      What a gorgeous apron – I’ve been looking for a new one! Hope I’m not too late etc. By the way, I found your site via your fabulous cookbook.

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