Roast Chicken & Shredded Sprout Risotto

Roast Chicken and Brussels Sprout Risotto

Brussels Sprouts, nothing divides the family at Christmas quite like them. I’m not sure that any other veg consistently arouses quite a reaction: ‘urghhh’; ‘None for me’ (said with a grimmace); ‘You’ve got to have sprouts at Christmas’. I don’t think it’s quite as clear cut as saying you either love them or you hate […]

The North Wind Doth Blow


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Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful!


Having sat and watched as the north of the country became blanketed in snow I was very pleased when it came my way. And boy, did it come. Read post.

A Touch of Spice for a Winter’s Chill

Hot Water Bottle

Once again a cold snap has descended and I’ve become surgically attached to my hot water bottle of an evening. Anything that offers warmth and cosiness is what I want to have around me right now: freshly laundered blankets; bowls of hot porridge; thick woollen scarfs. It’s forecast to get even colder with snow on its way so I shall continue to cocoon myself. Read post.

In the Bag: Detox January

In the Bag Logo Jan 10

After all that (rather fabulous) excessive eating and drinking over Christmas Scott and I feel in need of a detox, so we’re filling this month’s bag with these great ingredients full of health benefits: LemonsGarlicSesame seeds Get detoxing, guys and gals! Entry DetailsMake a dish using the ingredients and blog about it then send an […]

Frozen in Time

Snow Day 12

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