Roast Chicken & Shredded Sprout Risotto

Roast Chicken and Brussels Sprout Risotto

Brussels Sprouts, nothing divides the family at Christmas quite like them. I’m not sure that any other veg consistently arouses quite a reaction: ‘urghhh’; ‘None for me’ (said with a grimmace); ‘You’ve got to have sprouts at Christmas’. I don’t think it’s quite as clear cut as saying you either love them or you hate […]

Roasted Winter Squash Seasoned with Nutmeg


I bought the array of winter squashes you see here at the weekend from the little farm shop around the corner from my house. I was so delighted to find such a cheery selection that I bought more than I needed, but can you blame me? Don’t they look fabulous? Anyway, they won’t go to waste; they can be roasted, made into soup, stuffed and baked, put into risotto, even made into cake – the only limit is your imagination. Read post.

The Simple Baked Potato

Jacket Potato

This time of year is perfect for baked potatoes, or jacket potatoes as I knew them growing up. Earthy vegetables come into their own in the autumn, often becoming the main act at meal times, even for us carnivorous folks, and a baked potato can be a real star. It’s one of those really homely meals that really nourishes and comforts; as basic as it is. On cold evenings it’s like a hot water bottle for your tummy and on rainy days it’s cheering with its crisp skin, fluffy insides and rising steam. Read post

Roasted Sea Bass and Asparagus

Sea Bass with Lemon and Asparagus

Every year at around the same time I catch asparagus fever. Into season it comes and onto my plate it lands. And lands, and lands. Despite eating it what seems like constantly throughout the season I never tire of it. Perhaps if the season were longer I would (although I really can’t imagine that) but […]

Soft-boiled Duck Egg with Asparagus Soldiers

Asparagus and Duck Egg

At long last British asparagus is finally here to be devoured. Yesterday St George’s Day marked the official start of the season, which runs through May and June, and today I had my first, long-awaited taste. The asparagus I had came from Herefordshire in England, and it was absolutely delicious; sweet, juicy and fresh. I […]

Under the Weather Comfort Food

Cheesy Mash

I’m currently in-between jobs, having just left my last one and taking a short break before I start my new one. I left the office for the last time last Friday, looking forward to being a lady of leisure for a few weeks. I had lots of plans for this week: long lunches with my […]