Life Through the Artist’s Lens

Life Through the Artist’s Lens

Having been pretty much out of the social media world for several years I came back to a changed landscape and found myself a little out of touch when it came to platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. I haven't really explored the former and don't have much curiosity for it but I've really taken to Instagram. However I quickly realised that users have really upped their game and the photographs I was scrolling through were in another league altogether. Looking back at my own Instagram feed I had a little sinking feeling as I realised that my iPhone snapshots, often with the unmistakeable yellow tinge from harsh indoor lighting, were not going to cut it if I wanted to reach a wider audience.
Happiness Is…Colour Coordinated Cookbook Shelves
Notes From My Camping Diary (New Forest Part 2)
Gene Weatherley Photography
Winner of the Cooking Gorgeous Apron
Announcing the Winners of the Signed Copies of ‘A Slice of Cherry Pie’

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