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Notes from my Camping Diary (New Forest Part 1)

Friday 26th August
I’m sitting cross legged in the middle of a wet field with nothing but my pyjama bottoms and a sheet of polyester between my bottom and the earth. The early morning dampness hangs in the air and the sun sits low in the sky. Across the field there are others like me; some sitting, some gently stretching their arms to the sky, some slowly walking over to the other side. I haven’t taken up yoga or eloped to join a cult, I’ve joined the millions who holiday under canvas or polyester every year; I’ve gone camping. Continue reading…

An Evening Walk


Sardines with Basmati and Wild Rice

The smell of fresh sardines cooking on the barbecue, grilling or frying carries with it images of sultry hot summer days, the sea and sandy coasts of Britain and beyond, Mediterranean cafes, and the heady aroma of vibrant green herbs. I love how food can transport us in this way; it’s a powerful and wonderful kind of earthy magic, and to experience it you only have to close your eyes and inhale deeply that smoky scent as the sardines grill. I bet you can smell it even now as you read; the magic is working already. Read post

Snow Days

Unless you’ve been underground with no access to television, newspapers or the internet for the past few weeks you don’t need me to tell you that the UK has been experiencing something of an ice age with snow and ice causing widespread disruption, some misery, but also, let’s be honest, lots of fun!

(Not-so-Famous) Five go on a Bicycle Ride

One hot and sunny Bank Holiday Sunday, Julia, Rob, Amanda, Jason and baby Hannah decided to go on a bicycle ride. Each group left their houses bright and early, carrying a picnic full of good things, and drove to the…

A Week in the Austrian Alps (Part 3)

One lunchtime we headed off up the mountain in a gondola to a restaurant right at the top, so high up you felt you were in the clouds. The views were amazing and with the sun shining brightly it literally…

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