Changing Seasons

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Autumn seems more glorious than ever this year. Summer is lingering a little longer than usual, stopping to have a dance with autumn, leaves falling through bright, golden sunshine as they twirl together, before it leaves us for another year.
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Falling Leaves

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Isn’t Autumn the most wonderful time of year? It’s so interesting, with so much change and something new happening wherever you look: on the trees; in the ground; in the weather; on the landscape. As sad as it is to say goodbye to summer there’s a sweetness in saying “hello” to a new season and a new chapter. Read post.

If you Can’t Stand the Heat…


Wow, what a scorcher it was last week! Temperatures hit the 30s, official health warnings were issued due to the heatwave and the UK was declared hotter than the Mediterranean. It was fabulous at the weekends and even the brief shower we had on my birthday barbecue didn’t spoil things: we just made a dash for the house carrying plates of food and cutlery while a few of the boys picked up the garden parasol and brought it over the barbecue to shelter under while they finished cooking the sausages. Us Brits have become experts at dealing with rainy barbecues; you have to in this climate.

Roasted Sea Bass and Asparagus

Sea Bass with Lemon and Asparagus

Every year at around the same time I catch asparagus fever. Into season it comes and onto my plate it lands. And lands, and lands. Despite eating it what seems like constantly throughout the season I never tire of it. Perhaps if the season were longer I would (although I really can’t imagine that) but […]

Ham, Egg and Pea Shoot Salad

Ham, Egg and Pea Shoot Salad 2

Spring is such an inspiring time of year. With the (hopefully) warmer weather and all the new growth it’s as though a new lease of life is breathed into everything, and for anyone interested in food this time of year is surely a real joy. I sometimes get a lull in my food writing and […]

Easter Cake Bake 2009

Easter Cake Bake

Pat a cake pat a cake baker’s manBake me a cake as fast as you can! For the third year running I’m very pleased to open up the ‘Easter Cake Bake’; the competition that invites you to bake a cake for Easter, post it up on your blog or website and send a picture over […]