Roast Chicken & Shredded Sprout Risotto

Roast Chicken and Brussels Sprout Risotto

Brussels Sprouts, nothing divides the family at Christmas quite like them. I’m not sure that any other veg consistently arouses quite a reaction: ‘urghhh’; ‘None for me’ (said with a grimmace); ‘You’ve got to have sprouts at Christmas’. I don’t think it’s quite as clear cut as saying you either love them or you hate […]

Roasted Winter Squash Seasoned with Nutmeg


I bought the array of winter squashes you see here at the weekend from the little farm shop around the corner from my house. I was so delighted to find such a cheery selection that I bought more than I needed, but can you blame me? Don’t they look fabulous? Anyway, they won’t go to waste; they can be roasted, made into soup, stuffed and baked, put into risotto, even made into cake – the only limit is your imagination. Read post.

Sweet Summer Raspberries


We’re in the height of the British raspberry season now and ripe, juicy raspberries are in abundance; what joy! To celebrate the start of the season this year the lovely people at sent me a huge basketful of the sweetest, plumpest raspberries; they were absolutely gorgeous. Even after sharing them with my colleagues in the office I found myself with mounds of them to take home, and when I pondered on Twitter what to do with them the resounding answer was ‘make jam!’. Read post.

Walking on Sunshine

Lamb Cutlets

As I sat on the train this morning, open book in hand, vaguely looking out of the window at the commuters on the platform of the station we’d just pulled into, I was suddenly struck by the sound of birds singing brightly and proudly. As the doors slammed shut and the train pulled away, onwards to the grey concrete city of London, the sound of those birds stayed with me, making me feel light and happy, and I walked to the office with a spring in my step. Read more

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Turkey and Cranberry Parcels

Thanks to this blog, Facebook and Twitter I have had the fortune of being able to communicate with so many wonderful people in America who, although we’ve never met, I consider my extended friends. It’s to all of you who I dedicate this post to and wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings.

Embracing Autumn


I do love this time of year. The colours outside are so incredibly beautiful, it’s sometimes hard to believe that they come from nature and not a painter’s palette. On my morning walk to the station my path is carpeted with russet leaves and the tree outside my office window has slowly turned through greens, golds and reds over the past few weeks. We’ve been blessed with blue skies and bright sunshine on some days and seen darkening grey clouds and rain on others. It’s been a glorious autumn.
Read post.