Soy, Honey & Schezuan Pepper Pork Medallions

In these busy, busy days quick mid-week meals are the winners for me, especially if they’re full of flavour and taste like they were harder work than they really were. Oriental style dishes are perfect examples of this; stir-frying is as quick as it gets and the spices and flavours used really permeate the dishes.

Pigs’ Trotters

When it comes to all things culinary I’m up for trying most things once. I say most things, I would probably draw the line at brains, testicles, eyes, that sort of thing. I’m not really an offal girl, you see. Yes, I admit it, I’m a little too squeamish and blood, guts and gore on a plate just don’t do it for me (I’ll leave that to Sweeny Todd and Mrs Lovett). If you were to measure my level of adventurism I would say I stand firmly past the ‘average’ line but neatly tucked away behind the long line of those in front of me who are the Indiana Joneses of the culinary world.

My own little adventures have included trying frogs legs, cooking a lobster, lopping off a cow’s tail and simmering it for soup (OK, I didn’t do the lopping), becoming a bunny boiler, and cooking with duck’s eggs. OK, the last one may not seem all that brave but you may be surprised just how many people exclaim to me ‘eww, duck’s eggs!?’. I really don’t know why (if you, reader, are one of them please do comment and let me know, I promise I will not judge you; we’re all opening up on this post, or at least, I am). Read post

Snow Days

Unless you’ve been underground with no access to television, newspapers or the internet for the past few weeks you don’t need me to tell you that the UK has been experiencing something of an ice age with snow and ice causing widespread disruption, some misery, but also, let’s be honest, lots of fun!

Roast Belly of Pork, Mashed Potato and Savoy Cabbage

I’m sitting here at the desk in my study looking out of the open window that overlooks the garden. It’s a beautiful morning and the trees in the gardens beyond ours are bathing in diluted sunshine. Every now and then…

The Long Week and The Quick Supper

Thank goodness it’s Friday tomorrow, I’m shattered. It’s been a hectic old week at work and I’ve got a cough, which is exhausting in itself. Still, it’s important to eat when you’re busy, busy, and not 100%, even more so…

Melting Brie and Bacon Sandwich

4 Steps to heaven: Fry or grill 3 bacon rashes (go on, be generous) Lay the cooked bacon on a slice of buttered bread and top with slices of brie Pop under the grill for a few minutes to melt…

Galia Melon with Parma Ham

Years ago when I first came across the classic melon and parma ham starter I, like many a reserved Brit I suspect, thought ‘hmm..I’m not entirely sure about that’, but I tried it and I loved it. Of course I…

Pork Tenderloin in Madeira Sauce

Fry a large sliced onion until soft, add pork tenderloin sliced into steaks and fry until browned. Add a wine glass full of Madeira, a small pot (approx. 150ml) of double cream and salt and pepper, then bring to the…

Butternut Squash, Potato and Pork Cheesy Bake

This was something I threw together last night. I started with the chops which I’d bought at the butchers earlier, then looked in the fridge to see what I could team them with for a one-pot roast. As is often…

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