Autumnal Welsh Lamb

Welsh Lamb

There are varying merits to eating lamb at different times of the year. Young spring lamb is deliciously tender but later in the year autumnal lamb is much more flavoursome as it’s had more time to develop. It’s at this time of year that I particularly like to slowly roast a leg or shoulder of lamb. Read more.

Walking on Sunshine

As I sat on the train this morning, open book in hand, vaguely looking out of the window at the commuters on the platform of the station we’d just pulled into, I was suddenly struck by the sound of birds singing brightly and proudly. As the doors slammed shut and the train pulled away, onwards to the grey concrete city of London, the sound of those birds stayed with me, making me feel light and happy, and I walked to the office with a spring in my step. Read more

Some Things get Better with Age

Like a good Bordeaux, a pair of worn-in shoes and women (of course!), lamb is even better when it matures, as I learned this evening when I cooked it for the first time. I’ve wanted to try it for some time and was urged to do so by the readers who commented on this thread but until today I’d not seen it available. It was in the John Lewis Food Hall yesterday that I saw a sole packet of organic mutton, which I snapped up

A Whole New World of Food Shopping

Working close to London’s Oxford Street is a double-edged sword. It’s a shopper’s paradise, there’s no doubt about that, you can find just about anything here, and there’s always Regent Street just around the corner for anything you can’t find.…

In the Bag: Cooking the Month of June

Mmm…mmm…mmm. I enjoyed this month’s challenge, with succulent British lamb, new potatoes and broad beans, all in season now. This is my entry for the event, hosted this month by the lovely Cherry– roasted leg of lamb, minted new potatoes…

Seasonal Spring Lamb, Unseasonal Weather – Is That Right?

It’s been another scorcher today, with blazing sunshine and gloriously clear blue skies. This unseasonal weather has thrown my body clock right out, I can tell you. I’m thinking I’m in the middle of high summer, not mid-spring. Please don’t…

Roast Rack of Lamb with Crushed Potatoes and Caramelised Garlic

This recipe from ‘Rick Stein’s French Odyssey’ is fabulous for tender, succulent spring lamb. The caramlised garlic is mild enough to not overpower yet strong enough to give a complimentary kick to the dish. I’m sure there are a million…

A Long, Hot Soak and a Speedy, Tasty Dinner

After immersing myself for some time in a steaming bath full of rose-scented water with a book and a glass of merlot, I wrapped myself in a bath robe and padded into the kitchen to cook a quick and effortless…

Leg of Lamb Stuffed with Pancetta, Red Pepper and Rosemary

IngredientsBoned leg of lamb50g Pancetta1 or 2 sprigs of Rosemary1 red Pepper Slice the pepper and fry with the pancetta for a few minutes. Put these in the middle of your lamb with the leaves from a few sprigs of…

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