Feasting at the Witching Hour

As darkness fell over Saturday evening and cats with knowing eyes prowled the hushed street outside I closed my blinds and retreated into to my kitchen. It was time to stir up a little black magic for my Halloween Feast.

A deliciously wicked goulash (or, forgive me, ghoulash) was what I had in mind, followed by spooky meringue ghosts, all washed down with blood-red wine. Read post

Roasted Winter Squash Seasoned with Nutmeg

I bought the array of winter squashes you see here at the weekend from the little farm shop around the corner from my house. I was so delighted to find such a cheery selection that I bought more than I needed, but can you blame me? Don’t they look fabulous? Anyway, they won’t go to waste; they can be roasted, made into soup, stuffed and baked, put into risotto, even made into cake – the only limit is your imagination. Read post.

Halloween Biscuits

When I was a little girl my Mum made Halloween so much fun. We had very little money so things were tight and we had to make do with what we had. But in actual fact I think we had much more fun because of that. It’s easy to go out and buy or hire a Halloween costume, but to put one together from nothing at home is so much more exciting. Mum used to dress my sister and me up as witches, making dresses from black plastic dustbin sacks which she painted with gold and silver stars. We had matching tall witches hats made from cardboard and more black sacks. Then she’d paint our faces with make-up and off we’d go to join the other children in terrorising the neighbourhood. Everyone said we were the best dressed witches in town! Read post.

Back down to Earth

I’ve found myself caught up in a spinning whirlwind of busyness over the last few months. Thankfully it seems to have put me down for a moment so I can catch my breath, and now I feel like Dorothy acclimatising herself to her new surroundings in Oz. Are we really nearing the end of October? Halloween’s coming up? And Bonfire Night? And then (whispers)…Christmas? Where has the time gone? Read post.