A Touch of Spice for a Winter’s Chill

Hot Water Bottle

Once again a cold snap has descended and I’ve become surgically attached to my hot water bottle of an evening. Anything that offers warmth and cosiness is what I want to have around me right now: freshly laundered blankets; bowls of hot porridge; thick woollen scarfs. It’s forecast to get even colder with snow on its way so I shall continue to cocoon myself. Read post.

Baked Figs with Maple Syrup, Vanilla Ice Cream and Toasted Hazelnuts

Figs with Maple Syrup

You know how I posted earlier in the week about enjoying a few more summery dishes before summer disappears completely? I think I jinxed us. Read post.

Sweet Summer Raspberries


We’re in the height of the British raspberry season now and ripe, juicy raspberries are in abundance; what joy! To celebrate the start of the season this year the lovely people at sent me a huge basketful of the sweetest, plumpest raspberries; they were absolutely gorgeous. Even after sharing them with my colleagues in the office I found myself with mounds of them to take home, and when I pondered on Twitter what to do with them the resounding answer was ‘make jam!’. Read post.

Sneak Peek at the Cookbook


Read post

Pomegranate and Passion Fruit Jellies

Pomegranate and Passionfruit Jelly

I was excited by the ingredients for February’s ‘In the Bag’ event – pomegranate, passion fruit and white chocolate – and decided to celebrate the exotic flavours of the pomegranate and passion fruit with these jellies. Extracting the juice from the fruits was messy and not especially easy, and I was rather disheartened by the […]

The Fruit that thinks it’s a Dessert

Custard Apple

In the staff restaurant at work the other day custard apples were on display with a notice urging people to try them. I’d never come across them before but my colleague who was with me said they were good so, never being one to turn down a new culinary experience, I picked one up and […]