Fish and Seafood

Seared Tuna with Late Summer Salsa

Tuna steak with salsa

It’s that time of year again when we’re not quite sure if we’re still in summer or have slipped into autumn. Just as I think it’s time to start flicking on the heating and baking crumbles we get a warm sunny day and it seems as though summer is hanging on for another day. But of course, autumn really is just around the corner so before we say goodbye to summer completely let’s enjoy a few more summary dishes on the warmer days. Read post.

Sardines with Basmati and Wild Rice

Sardines with Basmati and Wild Rice

The smell of fresh sardines cooking on the barbecue, grilling or frying carries with it images of sultry hot summer days, the sea and sandy coasts of Britain and beyond, Mediterranean cafes, and the heady aroma of vibrant green herbs. I love how food can transport us in this way; it’s a powerful and wonderful kind of earthy magic, and to experience it you only have to close your eyes and inhale deeply that smoky scent as the sardines grill. I bet you can smell it even now as you read; the magic is working already. Read post